What is QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor

We all know, QuickBooks is accounting software that has been designed and developed by intuit to manage expenses & sales and maintain the record of daily transactions. But, the user may face errors while working on this software. To deal with such errors, Intuit has designed a perfect tool “QuickBooks File Doctor”. This tool helps to detect and resolve the bugs and errors that may hamper the workflow of accounting software.

The integrated or built-in QB file doctor is only available in QuickBooks 2016 and later. The file doctor tool is an advanced version of the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool that has been developed in 2012. QBFD tool assists the user in fixing the issues related to QuickBooks. If you want to update QuickBooks to the latest version then go to the QuickBooks File Doctor Download page at Intuit Website. QB file doctor only works for UK and US versions of QuickBooks and is currently compatible with all QuickBooks desktops for windows except for the QuickBooks version for Mac.

How QuickBooks File Doctor came into existence?

QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor has been designed especially for QB users. This tool has been developed after combining two applications, one application name is QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and the other application is QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool.

Intuit File doctor is an advanced tool that not only fixes the network errors but also, detects the file errors and fixes it instantly.
There are two types of QBFD:

  • Built-in  File Doctor which is available in QB 2016 and all later versions of QuickBooks 2016.
  • The stand-alone version can be downloaded from the internet.

Errors that can be fixed by utilizing QuickBooks File Doctor

The list of the following errors can be resolved by using QBFD:

  1. All company file errors can be resolved by using the QB file Doctor.
  2. QuickBooks Error 6000 series can be resolved.
    • 6150: Arises when you have installed the damaged QB.
    • 6000 82: This occurs when the user failed to launch QuickBooks.
    • 6000 301: This appears due to the change in the location of the company file.
    • 6147: When the user is unable to restore the backup.
    • 6130: This occurs when you change the settings of the Windows firewall.
QuickBooks File Doctor tool
QuickBooks File Doctor tool
  1. The installation errors that may appear while working on QuickBooks can be fixed by this tool.
  2. Resolve the errors that the user may face during updating any program related to QuickBooks.
  3. Empty customer lists and vendor list issues will also be troubleshoot.
  4. The user will be able to resolve the Multi-user error.
  5. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool mainly helps when the user is unable to use the QuickBooks Database Manager to get rid of errors.
  6. You can also fix data damages and the Windows registry by using QBFD.
  7. QuickBooks H series errors such as H101, H202, H303, and H505 will be fixed by this tool.

What do you need to access QuickBooks File Doctor?

The list of the following points that will be required before using QuickBooks Doctor:

  • You need to have the administration credentials before accessing QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • The user requires to have the proper Internet connection to access the file doctor tool.
  • The company file should be in the limit of 2 GB which you want to diagnose.
  • It is mandatory that you should have installed a single version of QuickBooks on your system so that, QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can work accordingly
  • We recommend you to update the latest version of QuickBooks before accessing QFD.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is available only for the QuickBooks Windows OS versions. At present, this tool is not existing for Mac versions.

Steps to QuickBooks File Doctor Download “2022” Version

Before downloading the QuickBooks file doctor, you need to install the QBFD.exe file from the official website of Intuit. For this, you must have the .Net Framework on the PC. In case, you don’t have a .Net framework, then the QBFD setup will download it automatically.

QuickBooks File Doctor Download
Now, given below are the steps to download and install QuickBooks File Doctor:

  • Firstly, visit the Intuit Website intuit.com.
  • Run the  QuickBooks File Doctor download page.
  • Now, you need to select Download.
  • You have to Save QB file doctor on the desktop so that you will be able to find it easily.
  • Double-tap on the exe file.
  • Lastly, you just need to follow the instructions to install the file doctor.

What to remember while using File Doctor?

Before using QuickBooks file doctor, follow the instructions written below:

  • First, you need to uninstall the existing QB file doctor, then install the latest version of
  • The QuickBooks versions that have been released after 2015, have an in-built QFD feature. We advise you to utilize the external QuickBooks File Doctor Tool instead of the internal tool.
  • The external QBFD tool prevents you to launch your company file. In case, you are unable to use the in-built feature, then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Team.

How to diagnose a file through QuickBooks File Doctor (Stand-alone version)?

  • Double-tap on the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • To browse the company file, select the Diagnose File that you need to repair.
  • You have to enter the username and the password of the company file.
  • Wait until the diagnosis process gets completed.
  • Choose one of the options: server or workstation.
  • Now, if you are working on file doctor that is hosting the QB company file, select Yes and if you are working on QB file doctor desktop that is not hosting the QB company file then select No.
  • Close QB File Doctor Once the diagnosis process gets completed, Close QB File Doctor.
  • The last step is to access the file again and verify that the issue has been fixed or not.

How to use a built-in File Doctor (For 2016 & Later)?

QuickBooks versions that have been released after 2015, have QBFD as an inbuilt feature. This internal feature will automatically detect and resolve the issue. You just require to press the start button to access the tool. Go through the steps respectively.

  • Launch QuickBooks but ensure that the company file remains unopened.
  • Go to the File menu, select Utilities and after that, choose Repair File to run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • Select Browse and choose the company file that needs to repair and select Open.
  • Choose the type of fix whichever you want in the Show Advanced Settings and select Next.
  • Now, you have to enter the Administrator ID and password and choose Next.
  • Once the diagnosis process gets completed, attempt to launch the company file again.

Possible Outcomes of using QuickBooks File Doctor

You will see the following result after diagnosing a file through Intuit File Doctor:

  1. File Doctor has not been detected any issue/error – If the tool has not been detected any issue in the company file, then you can log in back into the company file. In case, you are unable to open a company file, we advise you to set the Auto Data Recovery setup.
  1. The issue has been detected by QBFD and able to resolve – If the tool had been successful in detecting the issue and also resolving it, then it will be the good news. When the diagnosis process gets completed, select the “Open New Company File”.
  1. The issue has been detected by QBFD but, unable to resolve – If the tool has been detected the issue but is not able to fix it, then we advise you to set the Auto Data Recovery and record the transactions from the last backup. You can also upload the company file.

What to Do After Repairing QuickBooks?

Once you are done with the diagnosis and repairing process, you are highly recommended to back up the QuickBooks company file data and generate the backup data file (.QBB) in a removable external hard drive. For instance, backing up your data right at the end of every month will be a great idea.

What to do if QuickBooks File Doctor is not working / Not Opening / taking a long time ?

Sometimes, the user is unable to use QBFD and an error message appears “File Doctor is not working” on the screen during diagnosing a company file.

Below are some causes that may be the reason for the occurrence of QBFD error:

  1. When you are attempting to update a company file.
  2. If you forgot to install any company file during installation.
  3. You may also face QBFD errors due to damage or corruption in the files.
  4. If you are unable to restore the files.

In case, you are also facing the same issue. Then, attempt the following solutions to get rid of the file doctor issue. You can also get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Team

  1. You need to restore the backup of the QBW file (corrupted).
  2. Auto Data Recovery can also be used to resolve QBFD error.
  3. You should configure the antivirus software and turn off the hosting mode.

Advantages of QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is very beneficial for its users. This will provide relief up to a great extlent to its users when they are under any issue. Go through the advantages of the file doctor:

  1. The company file that has been located on another PC will be easily accessible with the help of a QB file doctor.
  2. The QuickBooks fix error 301, 305, 6000 and 6150 can be resolved by using
  3. You can easily terminate the network errors related to H202 and H303 by using this tool .
  4. The network issues can be easily fixable with the help of the QuickBooks file doctor tool .
  5. This tool prevents your company file data from getting damaged.

Limitations of QuickBooks File Doctor

Let’s discuss the limitations of the File Doctor that you may face during accessing a company file:

  • First thing, you need to have the credentials of the Administrator to access QB File Doctor.
  • The proper internet connection will be required to upload and repair the damaged files.
  • You will be unable to repair the files that are of more than 2 GB.
  • The main issue is that the QB file doctor can support only two files (.qbw and .qba).
  • The file doctor will work properly only if you have a single installation of QuickBooks on your PC.
  • QFD is only applicable for the systems which are from UK, CA and US versions.
  • This tool only helps when the user is unable to launch the company file. It doesn’t help in the case of lost data.
  • You can access the network diagnosis if the software is on hosting mode.

To Sum Up:

Expectantly, you have got all the necessary information regarding QuickBooks File Doctor through this blog. In case, the tool did not help you in fixing the issues or you want any assistance for the same, then you can speak to us at our QuickBooks Support Team at 1-855-857-0824(Toll-Free). Our professional’s team will be happy to serve you at their best and try to resolve your issue immediately.


Q1: How to access a QuickBooks Doctor File?
Ans: Underneath are the steps to access the file doctor tool.

  • Firstly, choose Company File Issues from the tool hub.
  • Next, click Run Qb File Doctor.
  • Now, select the company file from the file doctor tool.
  • Click on Check your file and select Continue.
  • Finally, enter the admin credentials and click on Next.

Q2: What should be the QuickBooks file repair by using the doctor tool ?
Ans: The company file size should not be greater than 2GB for repairing by using the file doctor tool. The software can’t be accessed offline. Only the Admin can use it offline to validate changes.
Q3: What causes data corruption in QuickBooks?
Ans: If you are working on QuickBooks continuously or don’t have enough RAM, this may corrupt your data. Any kind of virus attack may also remove the database. And, the issues associated with the internet, cable, and hard disk may also create a data corruption issue.
Q4: When should we use the Qb File Doctor Tool?
Ans: QuickBooks users who are facing errors related to the 6000 series or H series can make the best use of the file doctor tool. Another advantage of the file doctor tool is that it permits you to get back the important data and other issues related to the company file.
Q5: How long does it take to run Qb File Doctor?
Ans: Firstly, the File Doctor starts scanning the company files to detect corruption, bugs, and damages. It may take some time. Once the issue has been detected, then the tool will start resolving it manually. And, the repairing process will get scanned the files within 5 minutes.
Q6: Why the error ‘File Doctor not working’ appears?
Ans: QB file doctor may stop working when the application is hanging due to some repair procedure. This may depend on the size of the company file and its path. It mainly happens due to the corrupted file. But, you can easily fix the QBW file.
Q7: How to repair a corrupted company file in QuickBooks?
Ans: You can repair a company file using the Rebuild Data tool by following the underneath steps.

  • First of all, choose the File menu and select Utilities.
  • Now, select Rebuild Data and then choose OK when the QuickBooks information window appears.
  • After that, permit the tool to detect the issue and choose OK.
  • Now, click on the File menu.
  • Finally, let the tool check the data-related issues.

Q8: How to resolve network issues and company file errors via QBFD?
Ans: You can follow up on these steps to fix the company file errors and network-related issues.

  • First of all, download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Choose Quick Fix my File and access the Qb File Doctor.
  • You need to follow the ongoing instructions for resolving the issue.
  • Finally, update the QB application to the latest version.

Q9: What is a Built-in File doctor tool?
Ans: QuickBooks Built-in file doctor is used to deal with numerous errors, files, and issues related to company file data such as network problems, corruption, windows-related issues, etc.
Q10: How compatible is the QuickBooks doctor tool?
Ans: The File Doctor Tool is only compatible with the Windows version of QuickBooks. However, you still don’t have any option to use it on QuickBooks Mac. But, you can manually install the built-in version in QuickBooks 2015 and later versions.

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