How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks online bill pay service

Worried about online payments? Relax! QuickBooks is all that you want. Yes, you heard it right. The essential financial tasks can be carried out with the help of this software. You can get better control of your expenses in fractions of seconds. Also, it’s easy to gain insight into your money by using the QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service. If you are facing issues in making on-time payments, then you can trust the accounting software service. For this, you need to know the procedure to pay bills in QuickBooks Online. This service will excellently handle your paying bills in one place and you do not have to carry the cumbersome work of paying them manually.

What is QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service?

In order to use this tool, you need to enter your bills into QB and with this pay those using the online bill pay service. After this, the software will automatically make the accounting entry. Besides, you can directly pay your vendor’s bills with the help of this service.  There is also an option to track the payment and you can check vendors or clients have received it. In this manner, you can plan your work in a well-organized way.

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Ultimate Features of QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service

You can avail the benefits of various features via the Online Bill Pay Service QuickBooks. These points will help you to know them all:

  1. Simplify Routine Tasks: The service will help business holders to concentrate on other business issues.
  2. Progress Financial Management: It gives your business reliability in managing cash flow and payable processing.
  3. Cost Saving: The software lets you audit labor cost, process timing, and supply cost in no time.
  4. Get Apt Access: Business entrepreneurs can pay their bills from anywhere, anytime, anywhere with access to the internet.

Perks of Online Bill Pay

These are some of the interesting points which you must know if you are using QuickBooks Online bill pay service:

  1. It’s simple to covert incoming bills or documents into vendor credit.
  2. For the admin users, you can enable all bill pay accounts.
  3. To pay bills online page, you have the option to set the gear icon.
  4. On the pay bills online screen, you can set the vendor invite widget.
  5. Interactions of bill pay users with incoming bills.

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Steps to Pay Bill via QuickBooks Online

Follow these instructions to pay bills through QuickBooks Online. By implementing these steps the bills will be shown paid automatically on your system:

  1. First, sign up for a ‘QuickBooks online account’.
  2. Now, hit on the create plus sign ‘+’.
  3. Thereafter, click on the ‘pay bill’ option.
  4. Next, click on the bill pay via using ‘QuickBooks Online’.
  5. You have to type the ‘bill payment amount’.
  6. With this, ‘Online bill pay service QuickBooks’ will show the payment with the amount.
  7. Choose the ‘payment process date’ for every bill.
  8. You are supposed to select the payment method for the ‘bills’.
  9. The next task is to choose to ‘send payment back transfer’ or ‘checks’ option.
  10. Finally, hit on ‘review’ as well as submit ‘bill payment’.

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Instructions to Bill Pay in QuickBooks via check

These instructions need to be followed in case you are paying the bill in accounting software through check:

Initially Go to Pay the Bill

  1. In the beginning, you are supposed to hit on the create plus sign “+”.
  2. Now, hit on ‘pay bill’.
  3. Next, the ‘pay bill window’ will open.

Choose which Bill you are going to pay

  1. Initially, click on the ‘payment account’ option.
  2. Now, type the ‘payment date’.
  3. The next job is to choose which ‘bill’ you want to pay.
  4. After this, type the name of the ‘Payee company/individual’.
  5. Next, fill the ‘ref no’.
  6. You have to type the due date of the ‘bill’.
  7. Open ‘balance’ as an account payable balance.
  8. With this, review ‘total payment’.
  9. Finally, hit ‘save’ and ‘print’.

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Final Note

We hope that after reading the content the financial aspects of your businesses can be sorted out via. QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service. The content has mentioned the features, benefits, and steps to pay bills in QuickBooks Online. We assume that you must have understood what QuickBooks online bill pay service is. Still, at some stage, you find difficulty in understanding this service, contact QB experts. They promise to offer you guaranteed software solutions and the needed information required for QB software. Contacting the experts is always a better option for any kind of hindrance caused while using QuickBooks.

In case you confront any trouble in understanding online bill pay service QuickBooks or what bill pay service works with QuickBooks online, dial 1-855-857-0824.

Frequently Asked Questions
Ques- What are the steps to create a service charge in QB online?

Ans- Follow these steps to create a service charge in QuickBooks Online:

1. First, proceed to the sales menu and then select the customer’s tab.
2. Now, search and open the customer’s invoice.
3. Choose the fee item you have created in the product/service dropdown.
4. Next, include a note regarding the fee.
5. Finally, click on save and send or save and then close.

Ques- How should I apply a credit card payment to a bill in QuickBooks accounting software?

Ans- Follow these instructions to apply a credit card payment to a bill:

1. Initially, you are supposed to go to the expense.
2. Secondly, locate the credit card credit transactions, then classify them.
3. Hit save and close.
4. Now, open the bill payment.
5. Hit add.
6. Add the total amount of the payment.
7. Lastly, click save and close.

Ques- Explain the bill in QB online

Ans– It is the transactions that are billed to vendors. Basically, the bill is an invoice that your vendors send to take money from an individual.

Ques- How a bill and expense is different from each other in QuickBooks online?

Ans- In expense all the invoices are recorded which has been already paid via cash. On the other hand, in bills invoices are recorded that are needed to pay.

Ques- Is there an option to change a bill to an expense in QuickBooks?

Ans-No, it’s impossible to do so. You need to delete the bill and manually create the expense. It is suggested to contact receipt bank support for further help.

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