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Accounting has always been a challenging task for business owners; however, it can’t be ignored. Usually, it is recommended to use Intuit’s QuickBooks to eliminate the troubles while handling accounting books. As we know, QuickBooks is available in two versions all over the market i.e. QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Both of the versions have their special features and functionalities and are popular according to their usage.
With the help of the QuickBooks Desktop Integration, you can easily handle all accounting activities when you are at your desktop. however, QuickBooks Online permits you to access the data from anywhere and at any time.
Now, the question arises “Are you one of the business owners who want to operate QuickBooks Online?” Do you want to access your business data in your client’s office? Then QuickBooks Desktop has not been the perfect accounting software for you. And, it is the right time for QuickBooks Desktop Integration. This article will help you out to integrate with QuickBooks Online.

Why you should go with QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online has been utilized across the globe by numerous business owners for the accounting purposes such as cash flows, bills, invoices, and generating cash flow statements. Also, you can generate financial reports with the help of QBO. To know some add-on features, go through the following points.

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Manages Bills and Expenses

You can easily handle bills and expenses by using QuickBooks Online via linking credit and bank card accounts. By doing so, you will be able to categorize and download bills and expenses. In addition to this, tracking cash or checks transactions will get easier with the help of QBO. You can also pay the due bills by using QuickBooks. The entire outstanding bills will be entered in the Account Payable report.

Scanning Receipts

You are permitted to download QuickBooks Apps for free in QuickBooks Online. These apps allow you to click a receipt picture and post it to the QuickBooks Online account. Scanning receipts to the corresponding banking transactions can be easily done via QuickBooks accounting software. Also, you can upload an unlimited number of receipts to the QBO account along with the data.

Manage Inventory

Have a question strike in your mind “How to handle the inventory you sell like unit costs and on-hand amounts? QuickBooks Online will be the best accounting software for you. However, it helps you in managing and updating inventory automatically. With the help of QBO, you can easily look for the reports that help you to manage your inventory. Managing inventory on an Excel spreadsheet might be a time-taking task and feasible. Hence it is recommended to manage your inventory using QuickBooks software.

Permission of Online Payments

The feature of “paying invoices online” might help you in increasing the cash flow of the business. QuickBooks permits you to pay online and allows you to add Intuit Payments just by selecting the Online Payments option. After activating Intuit Payments, you are allowed to send customer invoices through email including the “Pay Now” option.

Prepare Taxes

Preparing taxes is the most difficult task for anyone who is not accessing the business via accounting software and it takes a long time to prepare files. Although, QuickBooks can be accessed while handling all business taxes and accounting simply. Or, you can take the assistance of our experts who will ask to have your QuickBooks data as well as all the necessary information to file tax returns.

Balance Sheet Reports

By making the balance sheet report, you can easily know the exact position of your business. This report includes equity for a business, assets, and liabilities during the accounting period. If you are facing issues while making the balance sheet reports or facing a shortfall, contact our professionals to make it correct.

Cash Flow Statements

A feature of the “Cash Flow Statement” helps you in calculating the present cash position of your business. Along with this, you can also measure the cash-generating by the business and its related debts. With the help of this feature, managing the cash flow statements will get easier like cash inflow, investing, financing, and cash outflow, etc.

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Points to keep in mind while integrating

Before performing QuickBooks integration, you need to keep in mind the following steps. And then go through the whole procedure accordingly.

  1. QuickBooks integration is available in the United States.
  2. You can’t export receipt images. In QuickBooks Online, an image link is given to the notes field.
  3. If your credit account is a bank account, then it will be entered as Check-in QuickBooks.
  4. If the credit account is a credit account, then it will be entered as a Credit Card in QuickBooks. Else, it will go in Journal Entry.

Procedure for QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Here is the whole procedure to integrate with QuickBooks Online. If you find any issue while integrating QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks Online, get in touch with our team of certified experts and get instantaneous support. Let’s check out the whole process for QuickBooks Desktop Integration.

  1. First of all, you need to validate with QuickBooks Online account and import Chart of Accounts by following the steps written below:
  2. Choose the Receipts option and click on Select All.
  3. Next, select QuickBooks Online.
  4. Enter all your QuickBooks details to validate.
  5. Finally, allow the connection.
  6. After that, export all of your receipts to QBO and categorize them. Here are the steps to perform the same.
  7. Firstly, choose the Export All option and choose each item.
  8. And then click on Export Selected in the receipts option.
  9. Next, select QuickBooks Online.
  10. Link payment types to a particular account to auto-fill them.
  11. After that, a pop-up will appear where you can see all your receipts by vendor name. You have to link them to the Expense Account.
  12. Finally, check whether the receipts have been categorized or not.

NOTE: You need to perform the steps for every vendor for one-time so the PC can set a rule for future receipts with the vendor name.

  1. Next, choose Export all to QuickBooks.
  2. Finally, you will get a mail when the export process gets finished.

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Final Note

Hopefully, the above post has guided you well regarding QuickBooks Desktop Integration. Before integrating your accounting software, you must think about the structure and requirements of the business. So you will never regret switching from desktop to QuickBooks Online. Along with this, you also have a team of the accounting software that you have chosen as your current software. In case, you are facing trouble while integrating the accounting software, feel free to take our expert’s advice by dialing our QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number (1-855-857-0824).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do you integrate QuickBooks Online with Desktop?
A: For now, QBO and QuickBooks Desktop (Windows and Mac) have their different platforms and can’t be synced. However, QuickBooks Online has its Desktop app where you can enter transactions as long as you are connected to the internet.
Q2: How long do you have to wait while converting QuickBooks Desktop to QBO?
A: It will take about half an hour to convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online. You need to ensure that QuickBooks Desktop is running during the whole procedure.
Q3: Is there any free version of QuickBooks?
A: We all know, QuickBooks charges fees after their 30-day free trial. After figuring it out, we can say that there are some illegal options such as torrenting the software that helps to get QuickBooks for free.
Q4: Do you require buying QuickBooks Desktop every year?
A: It depends on your business requirements. You can go with QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 or QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021. To purchase both of these licenses for 3 years, you need to do a one-time payment.
Q5: Write down the main difference between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online?
A: QuickBooks Online requires an internet connection to run the file data, while you don’t need to have an internet connection to access QuickBooks Desktop. Because of the internet connection, you can access QBO from anywhere, but access QuickBooks Desktop Integration only from your desk.

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