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QuickBooks Desktop Support

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is a series of product launches by Intuit under the category of accounting software tools, primarily launched to help small & medium-sized businesses with their business accounting needs. Under this series, comes products such as QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Desktop Products (Pro, Premier & Enterprise)

  • Industry-specific features.
  • Track Sales Tax.
  • Balance sheets by class.
  • Advanced Excel Reports.
  • Inventory Assemblies.
  • Prepare 1099s.

  • Easy Report Generations.
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer.
  • Much faster payments.
  • Easy payroll generation.
  • Manage paycheck creation.
  • Print paychecks instantly.

Why You Should Opt for QuickBooks Desktop

Internet Connectivity
There is no stable internet connection required to run QuickBooks Desktop. One can run these accounting tools (QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro & Premier) on the computers in which they are installed without any internet connectivity at all.
One-Time Payment
Most of the QuickBooks Desktop products can be bought on a one-time payment basis, and you do not need to pay the subscription fee on a monthly basis.
The customization that quickbooks desktop accounting tools allow you is unparalleled. QuickBooks Desktop offers you unique customizability options such as tracking mileage & expenses, preparing 1099s & generating customized forms.
Support for all kinds of businesses
Whether you are involved in retail, wholesale manufacturing or any other professional services, QuickBooks Desktop will let you choose. You have the ability to make the choice between five different ‘industry versions’, each with a specific set of templates depending on your place of work.
Access from anywhere
: The Enterprise version contains the hosting feature that allows you to access your QuickBooks from anywhere. The cloud version helps you spend a lot less time handling technology, and allows you to focus on what’s important. Manage your business no matter where you go, timed as per your convenience.
A version for Mac users
QuickBooks also includes a special version for Mac OS users. If you require support for that version, please visit our support page for mac at to avail support designed specifically for you.

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Most Common Errors with QuickBooks Desktop Products

  • Your transactions are getting deleted.
  • You are not able to use the purchase order system.
  • You are not able to recover your lost administrative password.
  • Misusing an undeposited funds account.
  • Incorrect Report Settings.
  • Running slow in multi-user mode.
  • Issues with reconciling your bank account.
  • Solving miscellaneous error messages.
  • Manage refund and return issues.
  • Installation and update assistance.
  • Company file management.

How Can We Help?

QuickBooks ProAdvisors & Intuit Certified Accounting Professionals at AccountantSquad are perfectly capable of troubleshooting not only all the above-mentioned QuickBooks Desktop Errors, but also all other problems within minutes. Our highly experienced team of QuickBooks Technical Experts are well equipped with all the requisite knowledge of fixing any QB related issue, no matter how complicated it may sound.

They have been trained to remain polite and professional no matter the difficulty and volume of the issue. We are proud of our success rate of over 99% in solving any issues that our clients manage to throw at us. Reach out to us at if you have any queries related to QuickBooks and the errors in its functioning. Our experts will call you back at the earliest possible.