Resolve QuickBooks Unable to create PDF Error

QuickBooks Unable to create PDF

QuickBooks Unable to create PDF is an issue that comes when you refresh the Windows 10 and then move onto make PDF files. However, instead of providing a PDF file you encounter an error message saying ‘QuickBooks Unable to create PDF’.
You need a proper and immediate solution to rectify this issue.

Why QuickBooks Unable to create PDF happens?

When you upgrade or navigate to Windows 10, then Microsoft XPS report essayist gadget gets added to framework design, and this joins itself to default port named ‘PORTPROMPT’ that can conflict and clash in times of higher printing demand.

Reasons behind QuickBooks cannot create PDF

The list below shows what the possible causes that can cause the issue ‘QuickBooks won’t open PDF’.
QuickBooks cannot create PDF

  • There is a missing component due to which QuickBooks couldn’t complete an action due to the missing PDF file component.
  • There is an Unrecoverable message error
  • You might see QuickBooks Error 1702 or 1801 when trying to install a PDF Converter
  • QB PDF Converter Activation Error 30, 20, or 41 happens
  • There is a drag connected to your currently associated printer, Microsoft XPS document author on XPS port
  • The Print driver Host for the 32-bit app has stopped functioning
  • Could not avoid wasting due to the .pdf file
  • QuickBooks freezes during reconciliation
  • QuickBooks is not responding
  • The device is not ready
  • There is a problem printing transactions/ report
  • Couldn’t directly print to QuickBooks PDF Converter
  • QB couldn’t save the form or reports as .pdf
  • PDF converter reflects offline mode.

For technical assistance – speak to a certified expert at QuickBooks online support number 1-855-857-0824.

Methods to fix QuickBooks Unable to create PDF issue

Now we will elaborate on methods to resolve the issue ‘QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF’. Few recommended solutions are listed below:

Method 1

Download & RUN the QuickBooks PDF and Print repair tool

  • Transfer and RUN QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair tool
  • Once the tool download is complete, perform the .pdf file-related task that originally leads to this error.
  • If you see the error is there on the screen, then Reboot the laptop and try again
  • Confirm that you want to print the XPS Document author and save it as a PDF file
  • You can save the XPS Document author (Microsoft Windows product) as a PDF file with the help of XPS Document author elements.
  • Firstly, Open Notepad and type in something
  • Next, Go to File, and Click Print
  • Select the XPS Document author, and select the Print option
  • Select the desktop within
  • Now, navigate to your desktop
  • See if you can read the XPS document you have written from the tab

Method 2

Manage Windows User Permissions for XPS document writer

  • In the Windows, Open Printer’s Control Panel
  • Now, right-click on Microsoft XPS document writer
  • Press the option ‘Printer Properties’ (Windows 7 and 8) or Properties (Windows Vista)
  • Click the Security option
  • Look for the ‘Everyone user’ cluster
  • When Everyone group is not on the List:
  • Press ‘Add’ button
  • In the field type in ‘Everyone’ and Click ‘Check Names’ option
  • Click OK
  • Press Print, and a checkmark in this row where there is ‘Allow Column.’ Click OK
  • Go to Windows Explorer, move to C:\windows\system32\spool in
  • Right-click on option ‘Printers,’ select ‘’
  • Click the ‘Security’ option
  • Click ‘Edit’ & Click ‘Add’
  • Enter ‘Local Service’ and click
  • Make sure that ‘Local service’ has full control, and Click OK
  • You can open QuickBooks & create a .pdf file

Method 3

Make a new template for your form
You need to generate a new template for your form, and then for your transaction, you need to change the template. Create your .pdf file.

Method 4

Bypass the print spooler (this is for terminal services only)

  • Firstly, Open ‘Printers Control Panel’ in the Windows
  • Then, right-click the Microsoft XPS Document writer
  • Choose Printer properties (For Windows 7 or 8) or properties (Vista)
  • Click the ‘Advanced tab,’ and click ‘Print directly to the printer’ option
  • Now save the changes, and press OK
  • Close ‘Printer Properties’

Method 5

Here you need to run System File Checker to repair the MSXML 6.0 that is built into Windows 8. The system file checker is a facility given by Microsoft to repair the Windows System Files.
For Windows 8

  • You can take the Upper/lower right-hand & press the Magnifying Glass
  • Type ‘Command’ and right-click the ‘Command ’
  • Next, click the option on the bottom bar to RUN as an administrator
  • If you are asked for the administrator password, then enter a password or click ‘’
  • Now, type SFC/scan now

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Run the System File Checker to repair MSXML 6.0 that is built into Windows 7. As told earlier also, the system file checker is a facility given by Microsoft to repair/ rectify the Windows system files.

  • First, click the ‘Windows start’ option
  • Next, select ‘All Programs,’ and press on ‘Accessories’ option
  • Right-click ‘Command Prompt’, and choose ‘RUN’ as administrator
  • When asked for the admin password, Enter the password or press ‘Allow’ option
  • Type SFC/scan now

Method 6

Reinstall Microsoft XPS
Verify and ensure XPS services are enabled

  • On the keyboard, Click Windows Key + E to open the Explorer window
  • Now in the upper left side, press ‘Computer ’
  • Go to the system group, and click Uninstall/Change a program
  • On the left, click ‘Turn Windows features On/’
  • Now, scroll down and ensure both the XPS services and XPS viewer are enabled (are marked)
    1. Put a checkmark in both boxes, and Press OK. Then test QuickBooks after switching on both services to see the issue is amended.
    2. If you see both options are enabled, but still, the problem persists, then perform the below steps to re-install XPS printer

Reinstall XPS Document writer in Windows 8

  • You can take the mouse in the lower/ upper right-hand corner to reflect Start Screen
  • Select Settings option
  • Click ‘Control Panel’
  • Choose Devices and Printers
  • Right-click Microsoft XPS document writer icon & then click on ‘Remove device’ option
  • Click YES to confirm
  • Now from the toolbar, press ‘Add a printer’ and choose ‘Add a local printer/network print’ with the manual settings
  • Select PORTPROMPT- Local port. An existing port in use
  • Press NEXT option
  • Now from the manufacturer list, select Microsoft and click Microsoft XPS document writer v4.
  • Click Next
  • Now select ‘Replace the current driver’ option, and press Next
  • In the Printer name field, bring out the version 4 to ensure the name is Microsoft XPS Document writer
  • Click Finish (Uncheck the box to make XPS writer the default printer)

Reinstall the XPS Document Writer
Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • Go to Windows Start Menu
  • Select Devices & Printers
  • Now right-click the MS XPS Document writer icon & select ‘Remove’ device
  • Click YES here
  • Now, from the toolbar, select ‘Add a printer’ and choose ‘Add a local ’
  • Click and choose ‘Use an existing port ’
  • Select XPSPort – the Local port and press Next
  • First, choose Microsoft>>choose Microsoft XPS Document writer
  • Press Next
  • Select Replace current driver and press

This blog aimed at providing elaborate information on resolving the issue ‘QuickBooks Unable to create PDF’. Hopefully, the error is fully resolved by now, and you are not facing any issue anymore. If you are in doubt and have questions related to the content listed here, directly speak to a QuickBooks Expert at QuickBooks Error Tech Support 1-855-857-0824.
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