Resolving Printing Problems in QuickBooks

QuickBooks printer repair tool

Saving as PDF and printing is one of those features that are frequently used by the users of QuickBooks accounting software. These features are very helpful to the QB users, but it is not uncommon that users face various types of issues and errors related to printing and PDF while using QuickBooks accounting software. Intuit has developed a tool that acts both as a QuickBooks PDF repair tool and QuickBooks printer repair tool for resolving PDF and printing problems in QuickBooks. This tool is known as QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool.
These errors or issues can arise due to damaged or missing QuickBooks components, problems with the printer, or issues related to the PC itself. As a QB user, you will be highly irritated if you try to save a file as a PDF, but you are not able to do so, or if you try to print a transaction, but again you are unable to print it.
In this post, you learn about the causes and solutions of PDF and printing problems in QuickBooks. These problems can be caused by various factors. We shall explain them to you, and try our best to help you resolve them in this blog.

What Causes QuickBooks PDF and Printing Problems?

These issues could be caused by various reasons, including –

  • PDF file component is missing.
  • PDF converter status is being shown offline.
  • Installation of QuickBooks PDF converter is not complete.
  • The system is unable to establish a connection with the printer.
  • Your printer software isn’t installed correctly.
  • Non-working Print Driver Host.
  • You are getting device not ready message.
  • You do not have network connectivity.
  • Your QuickBooks isn’t updated to the latest release.
  • There could be a specific reason for this. In these cases, you will see an error message with a code.

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Solutions to resolve QuickBooks PDF and Printing Issues

Please note that these steps are recommended for those with some computer knowledge. In case you are unsure of how to proceed with any particular step, or you think you require a more detailed explanation, you should take the help of a QuickBooks expert at Accountant Squad. Most of the issues can be fixed by QuickBooks PDF repair tool.

Solution 1 – Install the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool, which is also known as QuickBooks PDF repair tool can easily fix the issue or error related to printing and PDF that you are facing in QuickBooks.

  • First of all, update QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • Go to the Intuit website and download the QuickBooks PDF repair tool.
  • Now, run the PDF repair tool QuickBooks.
  • After the tool has done its work, check if the error or issue is appearing.

Solution 2 – Reset your temp folder permissions

If you cannot save as PDF even after using the QuickBooks PDF repair tool, restart the computer. Now, again try to save as PDF. If you cannot, follow these steps –

  • Open Temp folder and then its Properties.
  • Ensure that permissions for all usernames and groups under the Security tab are Full Control.
  • See, if you can save as PDF.

If you initially had problems with PDF and email, then follow these steps –

  • Write something in notepad.
  • Open Print and choose this printer – XPS Document Writer.
  • Now, you have to select Print and then Save.
  • See, if the printed document is viewable.

Solution 3 – Check if your printer prints outside of the QuickBooks software

  • Open your Start Menu.
  • Browse to your Notepad.
  • Find your printer, and click on print.

If in case your printer doesn’t work –

  • Turn off your printer and restart your system.
  • Turn your printer back on.
  • Check that the paper in the printer isn’t jammed.
  • Open your Start menu and go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on Printers and faxes.
  • If your printer shows that’s it’s offline, then right-click it, and select the option to Use Printer Online.
  • Make sure you have no documents in your print queue.
  • Close the window and print a test page.

If in case you cannot print a test page –

  • Make sure you have the latest drivers for your printer installed.
  • There should be no lights blinking on your printer.
  • If there are any lights blinking, you will have to refer to the printer manual to fix the issue at hand.

Solution 4 – In case your printer is unable to print only in QuickBooks

  • Firstly, you will have to use the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool, also known as QuickBooks PDF repair tool. You can use this tool to fix the most common printing issues you might face.
  • In case the QuickBooks PDF repair tool does not fix your issues, you might have to manually rename the QBPrint.QBP file.
  • Add the word .OLD to the extension.
  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the File Menu and click on Printer Setup.
  • Find any transaction from the list, and click on OK.
  • Open and print any transaction of your choice.

PDF creating Problem - Print and PDF Repair Tool
In case this doesn’t fix the issue then go to the next solution.

Solution 5 – Verify your printer status

  • Click on File.
  • Go to Printer Setup.
  • Select the form you wish to print.
  • Make sure that printer name given exactly matches the name of the printer you are using.

Solution 6 – Print using a different printer

  • Click on File.
  • Go to Printer Setup.
  • Select the form you wish to print.
  • Choose a different printer to print this, and see if it works.

Solution 7 – Other solutions 

  • Check to see if you have your printer drivers installed.
  • Print a different form, or try printing a sample report or form.

We hope the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool and other solutions are given above helped you resolve PDF and printer issues in your QuickBooks. In case you are a new user and are not sure of how to go about these solutions, or if you are finding difficulty in using QuickBooks PDF repair tool and need the help of QuickBooks experts, you are welcome to contact the Accountant Squad’s QuickBooks Error Tech Support Number 1-855-857-0824.

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