How to Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely?

QuickBooks Remotely Access

QuickBooks is an efficient accounting software to manage accounting and bookkeeping needs. Several QuickBooks features are designed to fulfill the unique accounting requirements of different users. This software also adds excellent value and comfortability to store financial transactions that is the reason it is an excellent tool for small-medium sized businesses. Though a complete package, still at times the user might face some errors that will lead to unwanted disruption in workflow. With globalization and users ready to work from any remote location or while they are moving around, the demand for ‘QuickBooks Remote Access’ is increasing. The feature of ‘access QuickBooks remotely’ is not a built-in feature, and has to be incorporated in the software.

Benefits of Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely

The remote accessibility feature in QuickBooks provides the users with several positives that add significant value to business operations. Some benefits of remote QuickBooks are given as below:

  • It saves time and money. You do not need to spend on office infrastructure and other amenities for the accountants.
  • Updated access to QuickBooks is always available
  • Different users can collaborate on the same QB file.
  • The business manager/owner can easily track the activities of accountants.

How to access QuickBooks Remotely?

Follow the steps written below respectively to access remote QuickBooks:

  • Firstly, you require to sign up for remote access for QuickBooks by browsing to the Intuit Website.
  • Choose Setup computer to download the remote access tool installation file.
  • In the nickname field, enter a pseudonym and choose Next.
  • Locate a checkmark next to the options whenever you log in to a remote QuickBooks. The options will be “Automatically reduce screen resolution to match”, “Use full-screen view by default”, “Make this computer’s screen blank” and “Disable this computer keyboard and mouse”.
  • Now, locate a checkmark just next to the application to remote access QuickBooks. To get a minimal monthly fee, you just have to access your QuickBooks accounts. Then select Next.
  • Checkmark the box just next to the option for authentication. You will get a passcode that permits you to go to the website and run QuickBooks remote desktop. In the case of the phone number, you will get a phone call from the tech team, after that, you will be able to access the code.
  • Select Finish to complete the process.

What are the remote access options for QuickBooks?

Intuit supports several options that will allow remote access QuickBooks. These options are:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Hosting on the cloud.
  • Move to QuickBooks Online
  • Use the QuickBooks Remote Access tool.

a) QuickBooks Desktop Hosting on the cloud.

You can allow authorized QuickBooks Desktop Software hosting for the third-party servers. The QuickBooks installed on the server hosting provider can be accessed through authenticated users from anywhere over the internet. All essential features of the desktop software are there and are available for the user across all devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.

In addition to providing the cross-device storage usage, the service provides an advantage to the accounting professionals as they do not have to make any installation efforts as the hosting provider takes care of these issues. There is also multi-user collaboration, better and easier integration of QuickBooks Add-ons.

b) Move to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a great tool that has many features of QuickBooks desktop along with its cloud-based facility. You have any time access from internet connecting devices and can work whenever and wherever you want.

The number of users at a time depends on the type of plan you choose. QuickBooks Online has several features from that are of QuickBooks Desktop still there a lot of them that are unique to QuickBooks Online only.

c) QuickBooks Remote Access tool

QuickBooks Remote Access tool will allow you to connect to the machine where QuickBooks Desktop is installed. Tasks such as copying files from local & remote computer, print files on the remote server via a local printer, access QB data folders, etc. can be quickly done.
The software works on the ‘Cisco WebEx tool’ that backs-up/ supports online meetings and communication services. QuickBooks remote desktop feature is an add-on for the QuickBooks software and is available in two versions. These versions are QuickBooks Access & QuickBooks Full Desktop access.
Several other ‘remote access software’ from third parties are available in the market that has similar services. This third-party software can be used remotely in the same way you use the local desktop. Network Connectivity between the two devices, permissions setup, etc. can hinder smooth workflow.

QuickBooks Remote Access provides stringent security

No matter how great are the features, software needs to be very stringent in its security measures. All accounting activities need a ‘security check,’ whether they are offline operations or digital ones. Several remote access tools are there in the market, and all of them might not be very stringent security measures.
Remotely accessing the accounting info on a software looks concerning task and needs stringent security measures.  QuickBooks Online/ QuickBooks Hosting is efficient and reliable software that ensures client data is fully secure. Most of the providers give 256-bit encryption.

It is essential to get a reliable remote access tool that is capable and provides recognized solutions to keep safe. QuickBooks remote access tools fall into this category

Thank you for reading this blog. The blog efficiently showcases what QuickBooks remote access is and what are the ways to access QuickBooks remotely. If you would want to inquire about any of the above points, you can speak to an expert at QuickBooks 24/7 Supoort Phone Number  1-855-857-0824.

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