QuickBooks Database Server Manager – How to Download, Install & Update?

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Every business requires to track sales & expenses to know the exact position of their companies. For this purpose, Intuit has designed an accounting software “QuickBooks”. This is a well-known and popular solution among its users because of has amazing functionalities. You can also avail of the feature of “QuickBooks Multi-user mode” in QuickBooks which helps many users can access the same company file at the same time. However, you can only use the feature of multi-user access after installing “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”. Additionally, the network data files can also be created by using the QB manager. Hence, QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download becomes mandatory to use QuickBooks to the fullest.

Firstly, we are going to explain “What QuickBooks server manager is?

What is the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

QuickBooks Database Manager Update permits you to share the QuickBooks Company File with other PCs over your network. You will require QuickBooks DB at the time of setting up the network so users will be able to access your company files.

You should know that the QuickBooks server manager is used to run multi-user access and allows multiple users to work on the same company file at the same time. If you are not thinking to access multi-user access, then there is no need to install the QuickBooks server.

Benefits of installing QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The following is a list of all advantages that can be availed after installing the QBDB:

  1. You will be granted to add a user after installing the QuickBooks server.
  2. Helps you in creating Network Data files and storing them on the host computer. But, you need to keep in mind that if you require to use multiple versions of the QuickBooks desktop, then it is mandatory to install every version of QuickBooks.
  3. In order to use multiple versions of QuickBooks, install the QuickBooks manager in a sequential order from oldest to newest.

After understanding the benefits of QuickBooks DB, Let’s know the steps to download the QB database manager.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download & Install

Here are the steps that can be followed in order to download & install the QuickBooks Database Manager:

  1. In order to download the QuickBooks server manager, you are first required to use the QuickBooks Desktop installer (setup_QuickBooks.exe).
  2. Now, you need to start the installation wizard.
  3. After that, you are required to connect the system to the internet and choose Yes.
  4. You have to go through the terms of the software license agreements. After reading the terms, if you agree with all of them, then choose I accept and press Next.
  5. Select Custom or Network Options. QuickBooks Database server manager download can be performed by choosing any of the options.
  6. You can also select the “I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this PC, and I’ll be storing” option to save both QuickBooks DB and QuickBooks Desktop on your PC. We also suggest you choose this option.
  7. If in any case, you want only a QuickBooks database manager in your system, then you are required to choose the “I will not be using QuickBooks Desktop” option.
  8. Click on Yes. And then, permit all access.
  9. After that, you have to enter your Product number and License number only if necessary.
  10. In order to complete the installation procedure, you need to follow the on-screen guidelines.

QuickBooks Database Server Manger - Install

How to set up QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

After installing QuickBooks Server, you are wondering to know the steps of setting up QuickBooks DB. Given below are the steps to set up the database server manager. You just need to follow the steps respectively:

Step 1: Open the Database Server Manager

  1. First of all, click the Start button and choose Programs.
  2. Select QuickBooks.
  3. Lastly, you need to choose the QB Database Server Manager.

Step 2: Scan the Folder Features

All the company files must be scanned once to make sure that they are configured to permit other users to access the company files. Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Firstly, you need to open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager by following the aforementioned steps.
  2. Then, choose Scan Folders.
  3. You need to check the folder in which the QuickBooks company files have been saved. If you are unable to find the file, then choose to scan the entire disk.
  4. Click on Scan to start the scanning procedure.
  5. After the scanning gets completed, you will be able to open the company files remotely.

Step 3: Monitor Drives

Once you have scanned the folders, the drives will be displayed in the Monitored Drives tab. You need to choose the drive to monitor the scanned folders. By doing so, you’ll not need to rescan the folders at the time of changing or moving the company files.

  1. First of all, run the Monitored Drives tab.
  2. You need to choose the checkbox for the hard drives in which the company files exist. Make sure that you have added only those drives which contain your company files.

You won’t be able to monitor mapped drives.

Step 4: Manage QuickBooks DB

To manage the database manager, you should know that various tabs assist you in maintaining everything efficiently. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

  1. You can check that the server manager is installed on your PC by using the System tab.
  2. View the real-time status of the tool by opening the Database Server tab.

How to Update the QB Database Server Manager?

In general, you’ll not need to update the QuickBooks Server manually. QuickBooks database server manager update will automatically get done while updating the QuickBooks desktop. In case, you want to do it manually, then follow the steps written below:

  1. You first need to go to the Intuit website to download the updated patch for the QB database manager.
  2. After installing the patch update, you must have to reboot the server.
  3. You may receive a message “The Company file requires to be updated to continue working with the QuickBooks version”.
  4. You are required to create a backup. Since the updates could modify the database structure.
  5. In order to complete the backup, you need to follow the guidelines. So, you can continue your work.

How to Restart the QuickBooks Server Manager?

If you are experiencing any error during launching the QuickBooks server, then you are recommended to restart it on your PC. You can follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

If you have only installed the QB database server manager.

  1. First of all, you require to choose the Windows Start menu.
  2. Now, click on the Control Panel and choose Administrative Tools.
  3. Click on Services from the list.
  4. You are required to click on the QuickBooksDBXX service and choose Restart.

If you have installed both QuickBooks Desktop and QB database server manager.

  1. You first need to launch the QuickBooks Desktop on your PC.
  2. In the File menu, choose Open or Restore Company.
  3. Select the Open a company file option.
  4. You need to search your company file and open it. After this, press Next.
  5. Choose Open in the Open file in multi-user mode
  6. You need to log in to the company file.
  7. Choose Close Company/Logoff in the File menu. Due to this, your company file will be closed.
  8. Launch the Windows Start menu.
  9. Write “Database” in the search box and launch the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

In case, you are still facing issues at the time of opening QuickBooks DB, restart your server PC, and then apply the aforementioned steps again.

To Conclude

In short, this brings us to the end of this log and informative post. We assume that the aforementioned blog has helped you to understand the procedure to install, update, set up, and restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you did not find the provided information fruitful or want to get any further assistance, you can directly dial our toll-free QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number 1-855-857-0824.

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