Wrong QuickBooks License and Product Number

QuickBooks License and Product Number

QuickBooks Activation Not Working is a time-consuming issue and requires immediate remediation to start your work in QuickBooks. A wrong QuickBooks License and product number can also be the reason for QuickBooks Activation Not Working.
In this blog, we will list methods that can update your license and product information in QuickBooks without doing any QuickBooks install or reinstall.

Modify/Change License number Only(Windows Users)

  • Go to the QuickBooks ‘Help’ menu and choose‘Manage My License’ option.
  • Click on ‘Change My License Number’
  • Now Enter the ‘New License number’ and click NEXT and Finish.
  • Now Restart Computer

Note: If you didn’t restart the computer, then the program will deliver the incorrect product info to the server at the time when you access the company file. In case you are on the multi-user mode networked with several seats, then QuickBooks will give you the error saying ‘You have exceeded the maximum number of users who can access the Company file at a time.’

Modify/Change License Number and Product Code (Windows Users)

You need to edit the ‘qbregistration.dat file’ to avoid uninstallation /reinstallation of the product.  You can edit this file in two ways:

Open the file through QuickBooks

  • Open ‘Tech Help’ window
  • Press F2 or CTRL+ 1. Then Press F3 or CTRL+2 on the keyboard.
  • Click the ‘Open File’ tab, and Click ‘qbregistration.dat.’
  • Select the ‘Open File’ option, and you will see the file is opened in Notepad.
  • Create a Backup for ‘qbregistration.dat’ file. Any typo mistake in the edited file will restrict QuickBooks from opening properly, hence ensure to perform this step properly.
    1. From the Notepad File Menu, choose Save As
    2. Now in the ‘Save as Window,’ select ‘Desktop and click Save option.
    3. Shut the file.
    4. Now Re-Open the file from the Tech help window as did earlier
  • Shut down QuickBooks, however, keep QBREGISTRATION.DAT file opened in the Notepad.

QuickBooks License and Product Number

Open the file via Windows Explorer

  • Open QB common files
  • Right-click ‘QBREGISTRATION.DAT file’ and click Open with and go to Notepad.

Note: In case you do not see Notepad listed as a recommended program then you can scroll through ‘Other Programs section’ and search for it.

  • Make a backup of ‘qbregistration.dat.’ Any typo mistakes will restrict QuickBooks from opening efficiently. Therefore, complete this step carefully.
  • Go to the Notepad File Menu, choose ‘Save As’
  • When you are in the ‘Save as window, choose Desktop and click Save.
  • Shut the file and next re-open the file from ‘Common Files’ window.
  • If QuickBooks is running, then shut it down.

Modify qbregistration.dat file

The qbregistration.dat file has product info for all the installed QB software. The below-given sections signify the version & edition of every installed program.
The VERSION NUMBER- 29.0 (2019), 28.0 ( 2018), or 27.0 (2017)
The FLAVOR name- QB Pro- Pro, QuickBooks Premier(not the accountant edition)- Super Pro, QuickBooks Premier Accountant – Accountant, Enterprise Solutions-bel, Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition- belacct.

  • Search the QuickBooks Version that needs its License info changed.
  • Replace the corresponding ‘Install ID’ with the right product code. You need to use the following format when you put in the numbers – XXX-XXX. Do not take off any of the brackets.
  • Now Replace ‘License Number’ with the correct license number. Use this format when you fill in number- XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX. Do not take off any brackets.
  • Now from the ‘Notepad file menu,’ click SAVE
  • Reboot computer& relaunch QB Desktop
  • Click F2 to reflect the ‘Product number fields’ to check changes that happened.
  • If the Product code remains same after modifying the qbregistration.dat file, then Restart the computer.
  • If you see the product code hasn’t changed after Reboot then Uninstall & Reinstall QuickBooks using the right license number and product code

Modify/Change License Number and Product Code(MAC Users)

  • First, Open QB Desktop for MAC
  • From QuickBooks Menu, click ‘Manage My License’ and click ‘Deauthorize this computer.’
  • When you get a prompt, then click ‘Deauthorize and ’
  • Now Reopen QuickBooks & follow registration process that allows you to enter a different license.

That is all for this blog. It is essential to rectify QuickBooks Activation Not Working properly for your QuickBooks and resolve the problem that led to this situation. An incorrect License number and Product Info can be one of the reasons and requires a proper procedure to address the issue. Hopefully, now you know how to get rid of this problem with the above method. For further queries on the above, you can speak to a ProAdvisor at QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-855-857-0824.

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