QuickBooks Activation Not Working – Properly Activate QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Activation Not Working

QuickBooks activation not working is a troublesome task that hampers your Workflow. Moreover, proper activation is necessary for the adequate functioning of QuickBooks. To ensure that activation is carried out efficiently, it is required to ‘Activate or Register’ QB Desktop correctly before you Install it.
The article will enumerate ‘ how to activate QuickBooks Desktop’ for the various versions. Ensure to carry out the steps properly to avoid any activation issues.  After QuickBooks Desktop Installation, you need to activate QuickBooks to get started. QuickBooks does prompt you to activate it, though you can do manual activation also.

Why your QuickBooks Activation Not Working?

QuickBooks Activation Not Working

For QuickBooks 2017 and Newer editions

  • First Open QuickBooks
  • From the Help menu, choose ‘Activate QuickBooks’
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to verify the information

Once you are finished, your QuickBooks is activated, and you can start working now.

For QuickBooks 2016 and earlier Editions

If you are an existing user & already have been registered then for Validation Code, you can contact us at QuickBooks Support Number.
If, however, you could not get activated even after performing the above steps correctly, then it might be some issue that is hindering you from doing so.  There can be any of the below-given reasons for QuickBooks Activation not working.

  1. The Validation Code is incorrect- You are very sure that codes entered are correct, however, still, you got an incorrect validation code Resolve this matter by referring to blog Fix Validation Code.
  2. A mismatch related to Product number- Another issue is your Product number does not match what appears on the screen. This issue might happen if you make changes to your license. Resolve with easy reference given in blog ‘Change product number.’
  3. A Blank screen appears- If you see a Blank-Screen while activation, then it can be Anti-virus that is causing this issue. You can disable the Anti-Virus software and try activation again. You can check with the Anti-virus provider also about this problem and how to resolve this.

That’s all for this blog. You can now carry out proper activation steps for different versions of QuickBooks. For the activation issues given above, refer to the specific blogs and resolve the problems. For immediate assistance call at QuickBooks Online Support number 1-855-857-0824.

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