How to Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crash ?

QuickBooks Com Error

QuickBooks Com Error QuickBooks Desktop is an efficient software to accomplish all accounting and bookkeeping tasks. However, sometimes you might encounter some errors that interrupt the workflow. QuickBooks crash com error appears when you open / email the invoices, the transactions or the reports.
QuickBooks com error crash

What causes QuickBooks Com Error?

QuickBooks crash com error can be caused due to one or more of the following reasons –

  1. Windows is damaged.
  2. A Microsoft Office component is damaged or missing.
  3. Communication between QuickBooks and email service has failed.
  4. QuickBooks component is damaged or missing.
  5. A virus, trojan or some other malware is impeding the sync.
  6. A QB file or component has been deleted by a malicious program.
  7. QB communication is not taking place due to improper firewall settings.

QuickBooks com error

When does QuickBooks com error crash occur?

QuickBooks crash com error can occur in different situations –

  • It can happen when you are trying to email invoices.
  • Com error may flash on the screen when you trying to open invoices.
  • If you are attaching something, you may get this error.
  • This error may appear while you are attempting to save something.
  • When you are attempting to open check register, this error may flash.
  • You may also get QuickBooks Com error when you try to open a report.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks com error

QuickBooks crash com error can be amended in a number of ways as given below. You have to apply the solutions in the same order as given below. After you have applied a solution, carry out the task which leads to the error. If the crash com error QuickBooks still occurs, you have to move to the next solution.
Com Error QB can be resolved in multiple ways, you may have to follow one or more of the solutions given below. Create a backup of your QuickBooks data before you proceed with the following solutions–

Solution 1- Ensure that the Outlook is updated.

  • Open the ‘outlook’ and press File>> the office account>> the update options>> the update now.
  • Now, check whether QuickBooks crash com error is appearing or not.

Solution 2- Set ‘Outlook’ as the default mail app.

  • First, go to ‘Control Panel>> Default Programs >> Set your default programs.
  • Go to the Programs list, choose Microsoft Outlook then choose the ‘Choose the program as default.’
  • Choose OK.
  • Now, check for crash com error QuickBooks.

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Solution 3- Now add an ‘Email account’ to the MS Outlook

Now add an ‘Email account’ to Microsoft Outlook. Follow these steps –

  • Navigate to MS Outlook, choose a file menu.
  • Select ‘Add Account’ to initiate the set-up.
  • Now fill in the email address that you need to fill in & choose ‘Connect.’
  • Outlook will automatically detect the server setting & choose ‘Connect.’
  • Now enter the password used for the email address and press OK.
  • Now select OK.

If QB Desktop could not detect Outlook (you can see this by going to Edit>>Preferences>>Send Forms>>My preferences tab to view if you have the option to choose), you will have to restart the computer & repair QuickBooks. You will also need to make a new ‘Windows user profile.’ If the new Windows profile could not detect ‘Outlook’ in QB preferences, then you need to ‘repair QuickBooks.’ This could go a long way in resolving your QuickBooks com error.

Solution 4- Toggle/ switch mail settings

  • Navigate to ‘control panel’ >>mail, and choose ‘Microsoft Outlook.’
  • When in the ‘Mail set-up’ window, you can select ‘Show profile.’
  • You can omit the above steps if you have ‘Outlook’ set as the default mail program.
  • If ‘always use this profile’ is selected, then choose ‘prompt file to be used’ & select ‘Apply.’
  • Now switch/toggle the selection back ‘to use this profile’ & then choose to apply.
  • Choose Ok.

Solution 5- Make a New Outlook email profile

  • First, shut the ‘Microsoft Outlook.’
  • Now navigate to Control Panel>>Mail.
  • Go to the ‘mail setup window,’ choose ‘Show profiles’ & select ‘Add.’
  • Now fill in the name of the profile in the ‘Profile Name’ & choose Ok.
  • Next, add ‘an email account’ to use profile by following the directions on the screen.
  • Choose from the drop-down under the ‘Always use this profile’ & select the newly made profile>>Apply>>Ok.
  • Check whether QuickBooks crash com error is appearing or not.

NOTE: Take into consideration that this solution will not delete the existing Outlook Profile.

Solution 6- Repair Office & Run Windows Update

This solution involves ‘Repairing the MS Office’ and running Windows Update. This is also a solution that could contribute to fixing this error.

Solution 7- Run QuickBooks in the compatibility mode

  • First, right-click the ‘QuickBooks Icon’ on your desktop & choose ‘Properties’.
  • Go to the ‘Compatibility tab’ & press ‘Run the program in compatibility mode’.
  • Now from the drop-down, choose Windows 7.
  • You can put a checkmark in the ‘Run this program as an admin.’
  • Press ‘Apply’ & select Ok.

Solution 8- ‘Add windows admin user’

  • Make a ‘Windows user with Admin rights’
  • Now log onto ‘Windows’ with a new ‘User.’
  • Now Re-open QuickBooks.

The above-provided solutions should be sufficient to resolve the QuickBooks com error. If in case, you are still stuck with the same issue, it can be some other problem that is hindering you to solve this error. Give a call at our QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number 1-855-857-0824 to solve the issue immediately.

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