How to Setup Email in QuickBooks?

how to setup email in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a great accounting tool for all types of business entities. You can combine it with over 100 products and avail multiple different services. While working with QuickBooks Desktop product line, you get several options to integrate your email with Outlook, QuickBooks Mail, Webmail, etc. Lining up google mail with webmail option so that it can work efficiently with Google mail can be a complex task.
Today we will learn and understand how to setup email in QuickBooks Desktop.

Pre-requisite to QuickBooks Email Setup

In case you are looking to setup Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003, then the below-given information is imminent for setting up email in QuickBooks.

  • Username
  • Password
  • The outgoing email server address
  • The incoming email server address
  • Incoming email server type

Why do you need to setup email in QuickBooks?

  • You can email invoices immediately whenever the customer demands it.
  • You can send customers payment reminders by emailing them invoices immediately.
  • It serves both as a storage and tracking device for client’s and vendor’s contact details.
  • You can import data from the spreadsheets
  • You can make a list of products that you deal with and then send these to vendors.

Steps to setup email in QuickBooks

While working with QuickBooks Desktop products, there are several options for email integration namely Webmail, Outlook, and QuickBooks Email. At times a Google mail user might face difficulty in pairing up with the Webmail option.  Let’s learn how to set up email QuickBooks
To initiate the setup, you need to configure your QuickBooks with the email invoices, reports, & other transactions that are using the webmail, outlook or Gmail, etc. Check and ensure that MS Outlook is compatible with your version by checking the QB Desktop system requirements. Let’s view how to set up email for Outlook, Webmail or Gmail.

For MS Outlook

  • Firstly, you need to create a new ‘QuickBooks Outlook email ’
  • In case you already have an Outlook account, then proceed to the ‘Next ’
  • Next, Collect Info to set-up Outlook as the Email Client

Note: To know the Username, Password, Incoming Email server address, Incoming email server type, you can contact your ISP.

  • Now, setup outlook in QuickBooks
  • Select ‘Preferences’ and press ‘Send Forms,’ from the QuickBooks Edit menu
  • Choose Outlook and Click OK.

For WebMail

If you have the latest version of QuickBooks, you can use the secure webmail to get an easier connection to your respective email provider. A connection through secure webmail is available only for certain providers.
QuickBooks 2019 – It is available for Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Mail, AOL, Hotmail, etc.
QuickBooks 2018- It is available for Gmail & Hotmail/ live users in the US, UK, and Canada.
QuickBooks 2017- R5 and newer versions- Available for Gmail users in the USA only.
QuickBooks 2017 -R4 and Older version- The secure webmail option is not available for this version.
To set up a Secure Webmail

  • Firstly choose ‘Preferences’ and press ‘Send Forms’ from the QuickBooks Edit Menu
  • Now choose ‘Wen Mail’ and press ‘Add’ button
  • Once you have selected the provider from the drop-down, then enter the ’
  • Next, ensure to mark the ‘Enhanced Security Checkbox.’
  • Press OK
  • When asked, then sign in to the ‘Intuit Account.’ The username/email address you may use might be different from what you are connecting to QuickBooks.
  • There will be a login page displayed on the screen
  • Sign in and select the option ‘Grant Intuit Access.’
  • Next, you Connect with regular Webmail.

Follow the steps to set up the regular Webmail:

  • Go to Preferences & Select ‘Send Forms’ from the QB Edit menu
  • To choose the ‘Webmail’ select ‘Add’ button
  • Once you select your provider from the drop-down menu, you can enter ‘Email address.’
  • Next, press OK.


  • In case you have faced an issue in the opening account by password in QuickBooks Desktop, then you need to check the account settings for two-step
  • Cox Users- The standard SMTP setting of Cox should not use SSL or login information when sending emails. The QuickBooks needs login info and prefers the SSL connections & therefore uses port 25. The SSL Connection with SMTP does not work with QuickBooks Desktop. You can use SSL with these alternative ports 587 or 465.

Hope you got all the relevant info needed to setup email in QuickBooks. Though simple, setting up email in QuickBooks can be a complex task at times because of different steps and requirements for Outlook, Webmail, etc. In such a scenario, where you feel confused about taking the right decision, give a call at QuickBooks support number 1-855-857-0824 and get answers to all your queries.

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While working with QuickBooks Desktop product line, you get several options to integrate your email with Outlook, QuickBooks Mail, Webmail, etc.
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