How to clear QuickBooks unapplied cash payment income

How to clear Quickbooks unapplied cash payment income


Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks generates a cash-based account. This money isn’t recorded on the sales receipt.  It is critical to pay on the payment date rather than the invoice date in order to settle any outstanding QuickBooks cash payments. This payment may need to be approved for accounting reasons. The operation may be performed on both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. By selecting the Receive Payments button in QBDT, users may apply for unpaid cash bills. Alternative approaches for applying it to the profit and loss in the QBO program are also available. After that, the QuickBooks unapplied cash payment revenue might get adjusted or cleared.

What is Unapplied Cash Payment Income in QuickBooks?

Unapplied cash payment revenue and expenditure can be saved in a QuickBooks account. This account is important for reporting cash-based revenue. These funds may be received, but they are not always sold. Such income indicates that a user has taken the money but has never shown it in the form of sales data. Furthermore, the payment date may be significantly sooner than the one listed on the invoice.

In QuickBooks, there are two types of accounts for Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks among them are:

Unapplied Cash Payment Income Account: 

An unapplied cash payment income account is a type of account used to report revenue from cash payments that are not recorded as sales. Although the actual payment has not been received, the product/service might be connected to a bank account, resulting in an increase in Unapplied Cash Payment Income.

QuickBooks Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Expense Account: 

Cash bill payment expenditures from vendors or paychecks supplied to QB might be recorded in the account for QB’s unapplied cash bill payment expenditure. It’s conceivable that the vendor’s bill did not reflect these cash/checks. When a bill is generated for a credit card account balance, this can happen.

Why does an Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Income in QuickBooks Occur?

The QuickBooks unapplied cash payment revenue occurs for ample reasons. One of them is that the money may have been sent without first being matched to the sales form. Other elements that have influenced QuickBooks payment include:

The product/service item may be allocated to a bank account. However, the amount reaches the unapplied cash payment income account before the actual transaction is received in the account.


Payment should be made on the invoice date rather than the payment date if the amount seems to be erroneous.

How to Fix/Clear Unapplied Cash Payment Income in QuickBooks Desktop?

Users must use the Receive Payments option in QuickBooks Desktop to clear the unapplied cash bill payment expense. To get started, open QBDT and go to the Customers page. After that, press the Receive Payments button to choose the customer. Choose the credit amount for the Existing Credits column. Shortly thereafter, the expense or unapplied cash payment revenue will be cleared.

To complete the procedure, keep following the steps noted below:

  • Firstly, create a “QBDT” account.
  • After that, go to “Customers.”
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Receive Payments.”
  • Secondly, choose a customer.
  • Check your credit limit.
  • Check the “Existing Credits” column to see if the amount is showing.
  • At the bottom of the page, the check must be reimbursed.
  • Then, from the drop-down scroll option in the navigation bar, click on “Apply Existing.”
  • Type the total amount in the “Payment” column.
  • When you’re finished, press “Ok.

Finally, you may search for unapplied cash payment revenue using QuickBooks Desktop. The problem with income and expenses should have been resolved by now.

How to Apply for Unapplied Cash Payment Income in QuickBooks Online on Profit and Loss?

Open Invoices allows QuickBooks Online customers to apply for unapplied cash bill payments on their profit and loss statement. The Payment Date tab may also be used to correlate transactions in the QBO software with the Open Invoice Report. You may also use the Invoice button to initiate a process if the transactions do not match.

The procedures outlined here will teach you how to apply unapplied cash bill payment expense/income in QuickBooks Online.

Method 1: Running the Open Invoices


Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks open report


The unapplied cash bill payment in QuickBooks Online can be applied to profit and loss if the Open Invoices option is selected. To finish, go to the Reports Data section of QBO. Then go to the field Find Report by Name. The Open Invoices tab must now be chosen. To go with the payment application, select the Report Period option from the pop-up bar.

The remaining steps for processing open bills and applying this payment are outlined below:

  • Make your way to “QuickBooks Online.”
  • Initially, Choose “Reports.”
  • Go to the scroll option bar above then “Find Report by Name.”
  • Then, click on  “Open Invoices.”
  • Select the “Report Period” option. Make sure the time period is described accurately.
  • Then, choose and select “Run Report” from the drop-down menu bar option.
  • Go to the “Transaction Type” column bar.
  • Look for the transaction that was marked as a payment.


Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks


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Method 2: Matching the Payment Transaction with Open Invoice Report


Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks

When you choose the Payment Date option in QuickBooks Online, you can apply the unapplied cash payment revenue. You must first open this software and select the Payment Date you wish to open. You must confirm the Open Invoice below the Outstanding Transactions. After that, select the Save and Close tab. This is how you may apply unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks Online.

  • Select the “Payment Date” in “QBO” that has to be opened.
  • Secondly, make a process to “Pending Transactions.”
  • Check “Open Invoice” beside the choice.
  • Please press “Save and Close” to complete the process.
Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks receive payment

Method 3: Open Invoice Does not Match with Payment Transaction

When the Open Invoice and the Payment Transaction do not match in QuickBooks Online, the unapplied cash payment might be applied. It is recommended that you check the Invoice option to ensure this. You must first log in to your QBO account and then select +New. The Invoice tab is located beneath the Customer button. Mention the information requested on the tab, then save and exit.

These instructions can help you figure out what else you need to do:

  • As the first step in this procedure, run “QBO.”
  • Get to “+New.
  • Under the “Customer” menu, look for “Invoice.”
  • Enter the customer’s information, as well as the date and amount.
  • Select “Save and Exit.”
  • Then select “Open Invoices Report” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, look for “Unapplied Payment.”
  • Select the start date.
  • Confirm that “Open Invoice” is selected. This may be found under “Outstanding Transactions.”
  • Select and Close” should be selected.
  • Check the “Open Invoices Report” to see if there are any further payments mentioned.
Unapplied cash payment income in QuickBooks profit

It should now be easier to apply for unapplied cash payment Income in QuickBooks Online.

When users’ unapplied cash bill payments in QuickBooks are cleared, they feel happier. We discussed how to clear unapplied cash payment revenue or expenditure in QuickBooks. Furthermore, you were able to comprehend what this form of income account entails and the many types. 

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How to clear unapplied cash payment income QuickBooks online

The Profit and Loss report must be performed in order to correct the unapplied cash payments in QuickBooks Online. You may run this report and correct the unapplied cash payments by utilizing the cash method. After that, run the Open Invoice report to see if your payment matches the open bills.

What is an unapplied cash bill payment expense?

If you record a bill payment for a vendor before entering the bills, or if you enter bill payments without matching them to bills, the Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Expense appears. These are the reasons why payments appear to be pending.

What does the unapplied payment amount?

Unapplied payments are those that do not have an invoice or were accompanied by an invoice but were not settled. A payment made in the Accounts Receivable or Sales modules decreases the overall amount owing to the client but not the amount still owed.

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