QuickBooks Accountant and Tax Reports

QuickBooks Accountant and Tax Reports

Reports are the main thing that we need to look whenever we are working with QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. Reports play an Important role in your QuickBooks Accounting. In QuickBooks, we have hundreds of reports and you can customize them according to you. The QuickBooks Accountant and Tax report give you the brief Information based on your adjusted journal entries, trial balance, fixed assets, and Income tax details. With the help of all these reports, you can Analyze your company performance “how your company is performing”. So, today we are going to discuss Accountant Only Reports. So, please bear with me by the by the end of the blog you will come to know about Accountant Reports.

Accountant Only

QuickBooks Accountant only reports give you the Information for your Personal accounting.

  • Adjusted Trial Balance: The Adjusted trial balance Report gives you the information about your trial balance after all the adjusting entries have been posted.
  • Adjusting Journal Entries: The adjusted journal Entry report helps you to lists all the adjusted entries that have been posted into your general ledger.

Account Activity Report

Account activity report provides us the Information about Trial balance, general ledger, and audit trail.

  • Trial Balance: The trial balance is one of the signs in accounting term because it gives you the ending balance for all the accounts.
  • General Ledger: The General Ledger reports provide us list of all the transactions that are posted into all your accounts that Included the beginning and ending balance. The General ledger account Include the assets such as Cash, Account Receivable, Inventory and equipment.
  • Transactions Detail by Account: It shows you the Recent transaction details of your Chart of Account. It provides Information similar to General ledger. However, unlike the general ledger, it shows all of your accounts. The transaction Details by Account displays the Information only for a single Account.
  • Journal: It will show you the most recent transactions. Journal entries help you in reconciliation your account.
  • Audit Trail: The Audit trial report will show you the recent changes in the transactions for e.g if you have modified, edited or deleted the transaction it will show you the report of that modification.
  • Closing date exception Report: The closing date exception report shows you the modification those were made after the last closing but dated prior to that closing date.
  • Voided / Deleted Transactions: Voided to deleted transactions reports gives you the list of deleted transactions.

Company and Financial Report

These reports show you how your company performing financially.

Vendor and Payable Reports

These Reports tells you how much money your company owes to its vendor.

Employee and Payroll Reports

QuickBooks payroll provides Information related to your employees and payroll expenses. The payroll summary report Include employee compensation and Social Security for each employee. You can run two types of payroll summary report, Schedule Payroll, and unscheduled payroll.

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