How to fix Issues using Verify & Rebuild Utility in QuickBooks?

Verify & Rebuild utility in Quickbooks

Amongst multiple essential features that Intuit offers for QuickBooks, ‘Verify Data & Rebuild Data’ are two necessary and useful utilities.  These two utilities have their own distinct identities with the former identifying the common issues that occur, and the latter handles the integrity issues. The Verify Data Utility searches integrity issues. Once the integrity issues are visible then Rebuild Data Utility resolves them. The two tools are facets of the same coin and compliment each other in detecting errors and solving them after that.
In this blog, we will first understand what leads to QuickBooks Corruption and subsequent data damage. After that, we will know the procedure to Rebuild the QuickBooks Data File using the ‘Rebuild Data utility.’ Lastly, we will look at an alternate QuickBooks recovery solution to recover ‘QBW file’ in the case extensive damage happens.

Why do we need to use ‘Verify and Rebuild Utilities’?

Sometimes QuickBooks encounters some severe errors which need to be handled immediately to avoid discrepancies found on reports such as Bills or invoices posted with negative values. Several other reasons and factors are required to Rebuild the QuickBooks Data file. Few of these are:

  • The deposited payments are visible in the ‘Payments to deposit’
  • Balance sheet not displaying all accounts
  • Data Check-ups are run to check the file is error-free indicates software inflicted with severe errors.
  • Missing or inaccurately displayed transactions in the window.
  • Names are missing from lists

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Data file documents?

Below given are the steps to rebuild the QuickBooks data file.

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks and press on
  • Next, click ‘Utilities’ and then choose ‘Rebuild’
  • If you see a warning message for backing up the file, then click OK
  • The app will show ‘Rebuild’ is complete and press OK
  • Next, run ‘Verify Data’ to see the remaining data damage.

Note: In case the application shows QuickBooks not responding message then shift the mouse indicator and wait for a little for the Data rebuild process to get finished.

If Verify Operation fails to complete successfully, then look to repeat the process till the time application verifies the file.
There are many processes to rebuild the QuickBooks Data file; however manual techniques are greatly helpful because of low corruption risk involved. Let’s look at some of these methods.

State File Volume to reduce Corruption Risk

Several a humungous QuickBooks file might lead to data corruption. Hence it can be easily said that large-sized QuickBooks files are more prone to corruption in comparison to the smaller ones. It is advisable to see the file size and keep it under control continuously.

Analyze and reduce the Database Fragments

You can see the number of database fragments in the Product Information Window. In case the database has 10 or more Database Fragments, then perform the below-given process to minimize the fragments.

  • List Resorting- Go to the Lists menu and use the ‘Resort List’ option. This can be helpful as resorting using list headers will shuffle the list and will change the previous re-organization effect on the file.

Note: Several lists might not show ‘Resort List’ selection

  • Rebuild the File- Once you have re-sorted the Company files, then use ‘QuickBooks Data File Rebuild utility’ by performing the same process that was mentioned in the ‘How to rebuild QuickBooks Data File documents’ section enlisted at the beginning of the blog.
  • Make a Portable Company File- Make a Portable Company file and restore it to re-index the Database. This is an advisable way to reduce database fragments.
  • Windows Defragmentation Utility- Correct Fragmentation Level is very important as the fragmentation level of the Hard Drive can influence the fragmentation level of the Accounting app’s database. To amend this, go to the location in the Hard Drive where the application file is there, and  Run the ‘Windows Defragmentation Utility.’

Resolve Network Issues

Incorrectly configured routers in a multi-user mode influence and affect the QuickBooks Performance. This unwanted influence increases the risk of corruption. Moreover, if the network problem happens due to wrong server configuration or hardware components are malfunctioning then this can also lead to data file corruption.
Additionally, QuickBooks Data file corruption might also occur if any of the below-listed issues or a combination of the issues are present in the network. These are:

  • Connection issues prevalent with routers
  • Operating System issues
  • Hardware or Network Issues prevalent on the Workstation network adapters.

Transactions causing Corruption

In case you see that QB Data file corruption is related to one or more transactions, then you can look to repair it by first deleting the transactions & then re-entering them. Now to locate a specific transaction that is causing the problem, it is advisable to look for the ‘Document number’ in the report and delete and Re-enter transaction.
The discrepancies in the QuickBooks Data File can create several discrepancies in the balance sheet. In case none of the above-listed methods work then you can look for other methods.

Important points to consider

  • If you are not able to understand what lead to this  QuickBooks file corruption, then it is advisable to restore it from backup.
  • Do not Overwrite the Existing Company file and manually fill in the information once you finish the restore function successfully.
  • If QBW Rebuild Utility fails to recover the database from the errors, then you should try other methods.

Use QuickBooks File Repair Application resolve the problem

QuickBooks File Repair is advanced software that helps in resolving the QuickBooks data file corruption. Glance over to see some of its benefits listed below:

  1. It recovers all QuickBooks Database file components including the Paychecks and Payroll transactions.
  2. QB File Repair App. acts as a comprehensive tool and solution QBW file damage. Moreover, it can recover multiple currencies.
  3. You can preview all the ‘recoverable components’ by the help of this software before carrying out the recovery process.
  4. You can have complete recovery of – Items & services, Jobs Info of customers, Job info of vendors, COA, Transaction info of customers, etc.
  5. Select QuickBooks from this particular location via the ‘Recovery operation.’
  6.  In case you do not know about QuickBooks Data File location, then search and locate them from the Tool Panel.
  7. The tool saves a Log report for every task performed during the repair tool was run. You can use this info later on for future reference.
  8. Supports QuickBooks 2019 and all previous versions
  9. Compatible with Windows OS 7,8,10, Vista, XP, server 2003 and 2000.

Thank you for reading this blog. Now you know how complex is Rebuilding the QuickBooks Data file is as there are several technicalities related to it. The Verify Data and Rebuild Data are two essential tools that help to resolve data corruption. However, if you are confused at any point in following any of the above-listed points, then you can get the help of a trained and qualified expert at QuickBooks Support number 1-855-857-0824.

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