Why to switch from other accounting software to QuickBooks?

Why to switch from other accounting software to QuickBooks

There are a number of accounting software that can be used by the small, medium as well as large scale businesses to carry out their operations online or on the computer. Using online software allows users to bring ease and efficiency into their work ethic, and also increases productivity. Routine tasks related to invoices, payrolls and accounting are all managed by the software, saving time and effort on the part of users or employers.
However, users can sometimes be in a quandary with regards to which accounting software works best for them, and which one they should use. The large exhibit of accounting software can confuse the user, making it difficult for him or her to choose the software that best suits them
The following article explains why, out of all the accounting software available, QuickBooks is the best and most effective option.

Why choose QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is now a world-renowned name when it comes to accounting software, and has found a high position in the 20 plus years since its launch. Here’s why you should use QuickBooks:

  • It is highly efficient and removes the necessity of doing hours of paperwork
  • It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is affordable. It does not cause a pinch in the wallet
  • QuickBooks can be used for small as well as medium-sized businesses and can be scaled upwards or downwards based on the user
  • It is customizable. It not only contains accounting services for businesses but can also extend it to health care workers, contractors, nonprofit organizations and others for their accounting needs
  • QuickBooks is a reliable product and has established its base worldwide since the last 20 years. It is the go-to application for a number of businesses the world over
  • QuickBooks can connect and pair well with other software like Excel, Outlook and so on, making it easy to import, view and print documents
  • QuickBooks also allows ease of access and transference of payments, making it a fast means of carrying out transactions. A direct transfer from the bank can be made using QuickBooks Online Billing
  • It also accepts credit cards, making it extremely simple to carry out payment related processes, and assures ease for the user as well as the customer

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What are the features offered by QuickBooks?

Here are some unique features that users can avail on QuickBooks:

  • Ability to add several attachments
  • Memorized Transactions
  • All income related transactions are visible in one area
  • Automatically track sales and expenditures
  • Automatic facility for online banking
  • Transfer and connect to other apps like Excel
  • Calculate tax automatically
  • Multi-user mode that allows 3 users at the same time, and many more

How affordable is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is quite affordable compared to other accounting software and has 4 different packages:

  • Freelancers – 5$ per month
  • Small Businesses – 7$ per month for initializing
  • Essentials – 17$ per month
  • QuickBooks Plus – 25$ per month

All these plans also provide client support, integration with other applications, as well as security and banking connections.

Other reasons to switch to QuickBooks from other accounting software:

  • QuickBooks, unlike other accounting applications, can serve small, medium, and large-scale Other accounting software only cater to small businesses and freelancers
  • It also works on a number of devices such as Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iPhone as well as on the Web. This wide range of availability is not seen in other competing accounting software
  • QuickBooks also allows users to integrate with other supporting applications, such as QuickBooks Online, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Thus, with all these features and services provided with excellence, users prefer QuickBooks over all other accounting applications. These are the reasons to witch from other accounting software to QuickBooks.For more technical assistance contact with our, QuickBooks help phone number +1-855-857-0824

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