QuickBooks for MAC discontinued – Alternatives

QuickBooks for MAC discontinued

Intuit QuickBooks Mac 2016  version is taken out from the market and QuickBooks Mac support for the users will be available till May 31, 2019, only. QuickBooks for MAC discontinued poses a problem for the MAC users and knowing the alternatives to QuickBooks for MAC is necessary.
An option is to navigate to some other accounting software. QuickBooks Online is a great alternative and is available in three versions Simple Start, Essentials, and the Plus options. Additionally, QuickBooks Online is an excellent option for people who want to have anytime-anywhere access available. This blog will enumerate the advantages of migrating to QuickBooks Online.

Why QuickBooks For Mac Discontinued?

Firstly, migrating from QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online has a standard conversion procedure.  Discontinuation of QuickBooks for Mac version poses problems for several current users. But switching to QuickBooks Online is the correct move.
In case you do not migrate from the discontinued QuickBooks Mac version then you will have to face the below-given issues after May 31, 2019. These issues are:

  • No Technical Support- Any required technical support for QuickBooks for Mac will not be available after May 31, 2019. This can create several problems while doing troubleshooting or any other issues. However, if you migrate to QuickBooks Online, then you get tech support readily available
  • Intuit Payments- You will not be able to make any credit card payments from customers through QuickBooks MAC software after May 31, 2019. Switching to QuickBooks Online is a good option.
  • Payroll services- The Payroll Services will also be disabled, and no payroll processing will be manageable after May 31, 2019.

Why is QuickBooks Online a Good Option?

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based financial software which is a great option for small to large scale organizations. Moreover, it gives anytime-anywhere access to its user. You also have access to key features from the smartphone or tablet. QuickBooks Online allows you to:

  • Easily Track Income and expenses and view how much money you are making
  • Send and then easily track invoices
  • Download Bank and Credit Card Transactions and comfortably manage them
  • Print Checks and fill in transactions in the QuickBooks
  • Easily Import data from MS Excel or QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Automatically back up data
  • Stringent security measures are taken with access only to you
  • Easy access available from a smartphone /tablet
  • You can take snapshots of the receipts to save time at the time of tax filing
  • You can have up to two accountants to access your data.
  • Easily handle customers and suppliers’ details
  • Easy tax tracking and filing return
  • Efficient Planning and budgeting of your company.

System Requirements for QuickBooks Online

So definitely, QuickBooks Online is a good option to migrate to. If you are thinking to shift on QB Online, then you need to know the System Requirements for QuickBooks Online as well.

  • OS (Operating system) –Windows 7 (with X86 /X64) or later, Apple Mac 10.5 or newer version, Apple ios 7or newer and Androids.
  • A good speed internet connection (Wireless / Lan or Ethernet)
  • Compatible browsers with QB Online- Google Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Android, Mozilla Firefox. Not all the features are available on Mobile devices.

Hopefully, now your worry is resolved regarding the QuickBooks for Mac Discontinued as QuickBooks Online is an excellent alternatives to QuickBooks for MAC with multiple advanced features. QuickBooks Online is the best of the alternatives for QuickBooks for MAC. Call at QuickBooks MAC Support 1-855-857-0824 to navigate to QuickBooks Online from QB Mac 2016.

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