How to update Credit Card and Import Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks?

Update Credit Card

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based platform that ensures work is completed as per the business requirements. The article will focus on how to update credit card and then import Credit- card transactions in QuickBooks Online.

Update Credit Card in QuickBooks

Let’s start with understanding how to Update the Credit Card in QuickBooks. Before we go to the steps, it is essential to know some points beforehand.

  • The Payment info for your account can only be updated by ‘Master Administrator or the Company Administrator.’
  • Perform ‘Payment Info updates’ via QuickBooks Online in the web-browser. The update cannot be done from the mobile app.
  • In case you bought your QB Online subscription through an ‘App store’(iOS or Android) you have to update the payment info through this app store directly.
  • To change the ‘payment method,’ Log onto QuickBooks Online. You cannot change the ‘Payment method’ via a mobile app.

Steps to change/update Credit card Information

  • Click the ‘Gear Icon’
  • Go to ‘Your Company’ and select ‘Account & Settings.’
  • Choose the ‘Billing and subscription’ tab
  • In the payment method option, choose ‘’
  • Fill in the ‘full credit-card info’ by filling in the – card number, name on the card, expiry date, & the security code. Check and verify the billing address and ensure that the address in QB Online is the same as given in the credit card statement.
  • Save the ‘Changes’

Steps to Import the Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks Online

If you are unable to locate you Bank in QuickBooks Online or you require to download credit card transactions for more than 90 days, then you have to import your credit card transactions in an Excel Format. The Excel format here is called as the ‘.CSV or the. QBO file’.
To initiate automatic Import of your Credit Card Transactions to QB Online, you require your Banking user ID & the password to Login.

Step 1: Go to Banking Centre

  • Go to Home Page and choose Transactions>> Banking
  • Fill in your Bank/credit card name in the search box
  • Now select from the list of the Banks/credit card companies
  • Choose your ‘Credit Card ’

Note: If unable to see your CC Company or you require to download more than 90 days of credit card transactions, then you need to ‘Upload Credit card transactions in a.CSV format.

Step 2: Log-in to the Business Credit Card Account.

  • Fill in your User ID & Password
  • In a few minutes, QuickBooks will be connected to your bank.

Step 3: Choose the Business Credit Card Account

  • Checkmark the accounts here that you want to connect to the QuickBooks.
  • You will see an Account name which is your bank’s name for this account.
  • Choose the QuickBooks Account you want to link the bank account selected. In case you haven’t set the account you can select ‘Add Account.’
  • The screen will have an account set-up window, complete the details here. You need to finish:
    1. Category type
    2. Detail type
    3. Name
    4. Description
  • Ensure that all the sections in the fields are filled in
  • Save the changes.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Date Range’

You can download transactions for a maximum of 90 days. If you require transactions more than this time frame, then upload the transactions via CSV format.
However, if a shorter time range data is needed, then click the link that tells ‘require a shorter date range.’

Step 5: Press ‘Connect’

Ensure to double-check the accounts that you require ‘to keep a track off.’ Do not check any undesired accounts.
Important: When you press ‘Connect,’ all the transactions will get downloaded to QuickBooks. However, there is an automatic undo feature here. If there was an error done here, you need to manually delete the unwanted transactions before deleting the credit card from QuickBooks.
Once done- click the blue ‘Connect button’ and initiate the download of your credit card transactions.

Step 6: You have the downloaded transactions.

Once the download is through, you will view a display message. The next step is to download the transactions.

Step 7: Review the ‘Downloaded Transactions’

  • In the Banking Centre- you will see the ‘credit card account’ & balance
  • In case you want to track ‘Other Credit Card Accounts’ in QuickBooks, -click the ‘Add account’ button

When do you require to import ‘Credit Card Transactions’ in a CSV File format?

If you haven’t bee unsuccessful in connecting your credit card to QuickBooks, or you need credit card transactions for more than 90 days, you have to upload the ‘Credit Card transactions via an Excel (.CSV file) or. QBO file.

  • Go to Credit Card Account
  • Navigate to ‘download transactions & credit card statements’ section (you have the option to download the transactions in various formats)
  • CSV /. QBO file option. (If you cannot see either of these options then contact your credit card company).

Steps to Import the ‘Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks Online’ through a CSV file

  • Go to the ‘Banking Centre’
  • Choose Transactions & Banking
  • Choose the ‘Upload file ’
  • Select ‘Browse’ to find the file that you require to upload.
  • Now choose the QuickBooks Account that has to be linked to the Credit Card Account. (If there is no account in QuickBooks till now, you can click the drop-down & choose ‘Add ’
  • Now you have to set-up the QuickBooks Account and complete the details of the sections- Account Type, Detail Type, Name, and Save and move to the next screen.
  • Now map the QuickBooks Online Fields to the ‘bank account fields’
  • Map the QuickBooks Online Fields to Your Bank Account Fields
  • Now checkmark the transactions that have to be imported
  • Select Credit Card Transactions to Import
  • Confirm the ‘transactions’ to import by clicking Next.
  • Select ‘YES’ (select ‘NO’ if you want to make any changes)
  • You have the imported transactions
  • Finally, review the ‘Imported Transactions’

Hopefully, you are well aware now and can follow the procedure with the above-given steps. In case there is any issue faced, as this is a lengthy process, you should seek technical help to avoid any further issues. Speak to an expert at QuickBooks Tech Support phone number 1-855-857-0824 to sort out all queries and issues related to this.

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