How to Resolve Error QuickBooks Is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook?

QuickBooks is unable to send your email to outlook

In today’s world, emailing is an integral part of communication to get in touch with people around us. And, the most annoying error for any user is the inability to send an email. In our understanding, you are aware of “QuickBooks” accounting software. This is one of the leading software because of having amazing features. QuickBooks users can avail of various features while working on it. One of the features is “Emailing”. However, users can get stuck into an error message displaying “QuickBooks is unable to send email” while emailing a transaction or report.
In this article, we will explain how to get rid of “QuickBooks won t send email” error and the causes behind it. If you are unable to troubleshoot this error from your end, take the help from one of our experts.
quickbooks is unable to send your emails to outlook

What are the causes behind “QuickBooks unable to send email”?

As you know, every technical issue appears due to some specific reasons. One of the most crucial things is to understand the cause behind the reason. In order to diagnose the error “QuickBooks unable to send email”, you must know the causes behind it. Go through the following list of all the required causes of the same:

  1. When your email settings have not been done correctly, then you may encounter QuickBooks not sending emails.
  2. You may also face the error while using QuickBooks as an Administrator.
  3. Due to damaged QuickBooks components, you may lead to QuickBooks won’t send email.
  4. While sending an email, the outlook account is opened in the background.
  5. Because of the damaged Outlook application.
  6. If you are using an outdated version of Outlook, this may also the reason behind the occurrence of “QuickBooks unable to send email”.
  7. Due to the damaged MAP132.dll file, you may encounter the error.

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How to get rid of “QuickBooks unable to send email” error message?

If you are worried about what to do in case of getting an Outlook error in your QuickBooks, then don’t fret at all. This is just a setting issue that can be handled by following the below-mentioned solutions. Follow all of them one after another:

Solution 1: Verify your Internet Explorer Email Preferences

Internet Explorer is used by QuickBooks to access Web services in the background. You are required to check your Internet Explorer and reset your email preferences by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you have to shut down QuickBooks.
  2. Now, launch Internet Explorer.
  3. Go to Tools and click on the Settings menu.
  4. You are required to choose Internet Options.
  5. After that, Programs tab and click on Set Programs.
  6. Select Set your default programs and choose the email services that you need to utilize.
  7. Click on Apply and press OK.
  8. Lastly, close Internet Explorer.

Solution 2:  Recreate the MAP132.dll file

We recommend you apply this solution under the supervision of an expert or a professional. Since you can find it difficult to apply the following steps. All the steps have been mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you need to restart your PC.
  2. Launch Microsoft Word and make a new document.
  3. Go to the File menu and click on Send.
  4. After that, select Email as PDF Attachment.
  5. Now, you need to attempt to send a test email. If you are unable to do so, this indicates your Outlook has any issue.

And if, you can send an email from Microsoft Word but not in QuickBooks, then follow the steps written below to resolve this issue:

  1. First of all, you need to close all the programs that are running in the background.
  2. Secondly, open the Windows Start menu and write “File Explorer” in the search box.
  3. Launch the File Explorer.
  4. Now, write C:\Windows\System32 in the search box.
  5. You are required to search for Fixmapi.exe and launch it.
  6. Follow the on-going instruction
  7. s to resolve your issue.
  8. Once the repairing process will get completed, you require restarting the PC.
  9. Finally, you can launch QuickBooks and send an email via it.

Solution 3: Check your email preferences

  1. Firstly, open QuickBooks and go to the Edit menu.
  2. Choose Preferences. In case, you are using Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server, then launch and sign in to Outlook.
  3. Go to the menu and click on Send Forms. After that, choose the My Preferences tab.
  4. Choose Outlook as the email option.
  5. Lastly, click on OK.

In case, you are facing an issue while sending a test email from QuickBooks, then you need to toggle preferences by applying the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. After that, click on Send Forms from the menu.
  3. Click on My Preferences tab and choose QuickBooks Email or Webmail.
  4. Meanwhile, choose OK. This will help you to toggle your preferences.
  5.  You need to repeat the above steps and revert to the My Preferences tab.
  6. Now, choose Outlook and press OK.
  7. Shut down QuickBooks with all other programs.
  8. Finally, you have to start your PC again.

Solution 4: Correct the admin privileges

Before following the steps written below, you should check that QuickBooks has not been set to automatically run as an administrator.

  1. Firstly, close the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Launch the Windows Start menu and write QuickBooks in the search box.
  3. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and choose Open file location.
  4. Open the folder and right-click on the QuickBooks.exe file.
  5. Choose Properties and click on the Compatibility tab.
  6. You need to unmark the Run this program as Administrator option.
  7. Lastly, choose Apply and press OK.

Solution 5: Use Clean Install to reinstall QuickBooks.

If you are still unable to fix the “QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to outlook” issue, then try to reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. Follow the steps in order to do so:

  1. First of all, make sure that a clean install will be the right choice for you.
  2. Then, collect all the required information and create the backup of your data.
  3. After that, you need to uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop from your computer.
  4. Now, make sure that you have installed the QuickBooks Tool Hub in order to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop.
  5. Access the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to download QuickBooks.
  6. Finally, you can install QuickBooks again.

To Sum Up

At this point, we would like to end our article on “QuickBooks unable to send email”. Hopefully, you have found the aforementioned post relevant and got all the required information regarding QuickBooks emailing. Apart from this, if you are still getting an issue while using emailing in QuickBooks or want to get more information about your software, then you can directly connect with our experts. All you need to do is dial our toll-free QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number  1-855-857-0824.

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