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quickbooks vs xero

Each business needs bookkeeping programming to follow its exchanges. Each business needs a decent framework for its records, from the littlest startup to the greatest worldwide − also consultants. Here, Xero vs QuickBooks comes into play. Both accounting software helps you in maintaining daily-basis transactions.
In this blog, we are going to discuss two of the leading accounting software: Xero vs QuickBooks. Go through this blog to know about both of the software and decide which one will be the better option according to your business.
First of all, we will be going to discuss what is Xero and QuickBooks Online:

  • Xero: This is accounting software that has been founded in 2006 in New Zealand. The tagline of this software is “Beautiful business”. In addition, Xero is user-friendly, powerful, and simple accounting software that helps in managing financial reports, customizing invoices, etc. This software also tracks sales, payroll, and inventory with efficient marketing tools, etc.
  • QuickBooks: On the other hand, QuickBooks Online is also a cloud-based accounting software that has been designed and developed by Intuit. You need to pay a monthly subscription to access QuickBooks Online. Furthermore, with the help of this cloud-based accounting software, businesses can automate many tasks by tracking miles with a smartphone, managing bills, tracking bills, etc.

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Comparison of Xero vs QuickBooks

Both Xero and QuickBooks Online have been designed for small to mid-sized businesses. The main objective of both of the software is to track real-time payments effortlessly.
We will compare Xero vs QuickBooks Online based on the following keys:

  1. Pricing
  2. Payroll
  3. Integration
  4. Invoice Customization.
  5. Multi-user access.
  6. Tracking Bills and Payments.
  7. Support
  8. Ease of Use.
  9. Setup Process.
  10. Reporting
  11. Software & Hardware needs.
  12. User experience and user interface.

A Detailed Discussion on Xero vs QuickBooks

Let’s have a detailed explanation of all aforementioned comparisons of QuickBooks vs  Xero online through the following table.

Basis of Differences


QuickBooks Online


Xero consists of three-level of pricing:

  • Early – $9 /user per month.
  • Growing Plan – $30/ user per month.
  • Established – $70/user per month.

In the “Early plan”, you will get five invoices and bills, reconcile limited bank transactions. In contrast, in the Growing plan, you will get unlimited invoices, bill processing, and unlimited bank transactions.
Note: The price of Xero has been increased in August 2019.

QuickBooks consists of four plans:

  • Simple Start – $12/ month for one user.
  • Essentials – $20/month up to 3 users.
  • Plus – $35/month up to 5 users.
  • Advanced – $75/month up to 25 users.

All aforementioned plans contain invoicing, sales tax tracking, receipt organization, income & expense tracking, estimates, and invoicing. If you want to avail more features such as inventory, accelerated invoicing, and custom user permissions, then you have purchased more expensive plans. Otherwise, all the above-mentioned four plans will provide the basic functionality to your business.


Managing payroll is a tough task for small businesses. An important task for any business is to make sure that their staff is paid on time.
Xero has a feature of payroll which manages the number of employees that you need to pay. Additionally, this makes your work easier and saves time.
In QuickBooks, Advanced QuickBooks Payroll Service is not offered. Just like Xero, you can manage your pensions, payslips, and HMRC. Advanced Payroll is still in processing in QuickBooks Online in which you will get an array of handy additional options.


This software provides integration with more than 700 applications which includes payment acceptance apps, for instance, CRM, point of sale, e-commerce, Stripe, PayPal, and time-tracking applications.However, this software provides integration with 100 applications, for instance, Stripe, PayPal, Bill pay for QuickBooks Online, apps available for Advanced Inventory and time tracking.

Invoice Customization

The feature of sending invoices is available in Xero and you can also customize invoices in this accounting software.In the Contrast, The feature of sending invoices is available in QuickBooks Online, and customization of invoices can also be done in this accounting software.
Also, users who are using QuickBooks self-employed plans may have fewer options for invoices.

Multi-user access

An infinite number of users can sign up in Xero.Several users will be increased according to the plan in QuickBooks online.

Tracking bills and payments

Through this software, you can enter 5 bills per month on the starter level.Managing bills and payments are only available at the Essentials level.


Xero supports:

  • Knowledgebase.
  • User community.
  • User guides.
  • In-product help.
  • Email support.
  • Help-articles.
  • Product training.
QuickBooks Online supports:

  • Connect with a support agent via messaging.
  • Contact a support agent via email.
  • Connect with a QuickBooks support agent via phone call.
  • Knowledgebase.
  • User community.
  • User guides.
  • In-product help.

Ease of Use

You have to set up your business properly before using this accounting software. If you just require to get started and improve things as you go, then Xero accounting software is not for you. In addition, Xero has a mobile application for Android devices and iOS. Importing data is not possible in this software but you can download the CSV file in order to import the data in Xero.QuickBooks Online is well-designed accounting software in which you can add as little as the information you want. Moreover, in this software, you can easily import the data from another application by using the import data application. Some quick links like payroll, time tracking, and invoicing are the additional features of this software.

Setup Process

The setup process of Xero is structured. Xero will be the better option to go with especially for those who like everything in place preceding to start working.QuickBooks online has a looser setup structure but this accounting software permits you to enter the bare minimum. Also, you can add the rest as you go along.

Reporting & Dashboards

This accounting software is a little clumsy in pulling reports based on date range, e.g., balance sheets and profit and loss.
But in Xero, you will get a feature of the Business Performance dashboard which highlights all important metrics, for instance, gross profit percentage and debt ratio.
Whereas QuickBooks online has a good variety of standard reports but in QuickBooks Online, you can’t customize standard reports as compared to Xero.

Software & Hardware Needs.

This is compatible with any device and easily works with one of the following browsers:

  • Safari 8+
  • Internet Explorer 11.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Microsoft Edge.
QuickBooks online has the same hardware and software requirements as Xero. You can easily access any device only if you have proper internet access.

User Experience and User interface.

It looks better and attracts many users as compared to QuickBooks Online. Additionally, this accounting software looks modern as compared to other software. Along with this, it helps in making accounting more enjoyable.Before the 2010s, QuickBooks Online was disapproved for its old-looking user interface. But after this, things have been improved. Still, competitors like Xero it has pushed QuickBooks Online to rethink their user experience. Nonetheless, QuickBooks online can still have a chance to improve.

Xero vs QuickBooks: which one you should select for your business?

Therefore, after having a detailed discussion on Xero vs QuickBooks. We concluded that QuickBooks Online will be the right choice that can fulfill your business requirements. The advantage of choosing QuickBooks online is, you will get live support which will be not provided by Xero and along with this, QuickBooks online is ready to scale with your rising business. You can get more functionalities and features in QuickBooks online as compared to Xero. Whereas, Xero is also a great and widely used accounting software but it lacks some features that can be necessary for business accounting. In the end, the choice is yours.
In case, you are still in search of more information on “Xero vs QuickBooks”, then you are suggested to contact our support team at Accountant Squad by dialing our number 1-855-857-0824.

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