What is QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table?

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and Tax Agencies expect regularity and accuracy in your filings and your employees have to get paid on time too with the right amount of various taxes calculated. No matter you are a chairperson or an employee in a company, you can’t take chances to have wrong numbers punched for your tax calculations and filings and that is what QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table ensures you to achieve.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table?

It is paramount to have your QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table updated all the time in order to have your company calculate and file taxes in the perfect manner and your company is distinguished as most reverent and adherent company among others in the state or the financial district your company is headquartered in.

What is a Payroll Update?

The Federal and state taxes are very likely to change from time to time and you can’t rely on to have encountered news or social media feed come across and alert you of any change in the tax rates. It’s possible to forget the information about the tax change and amidst other priorities and routine scheduled tasks and you may continue calculating the wrong taxes and end up in wrong tax calculations and filing. It’s very hard to fix thousands of transactions done even within a quarter that may demand extra time and effort to straighten them out.

Intuit provides QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Updates to its subscribers on a regular basis to keep you away from the minor heedless errors that may lead to further accounting complications. The updates provide up-to-date and accurate tax rates in compliance with state and federal taxes along with payroll tax forms, e-filing and tax payment preferences.

How to download the latest payroll tax table?

In order to download the latest payroll tax table, you must have an active payroll subscription. The Payroll subscription may show up Inactive through an Icon saying pointing towards for reactivation of your Payroll Subscription on QuickBooks Screen when you sign in to your company file. This can happen due to numerous reasons that I would talk about later.

It is recommended to update your Payroll Tax Table every time before you to your employees as per your pay cycle or once in 45 days at least. It is recommended because I have seen two payroll updates released in the month of March 2018 on a gap of just 15 days which sounded a bit strange to me but that is supposed to happen whenever there is a change in Federal and State Taxes.

Turn on the features of the automatic update in QuickBooks Desktop to receive payroll tax table updates automatically when they are released. Please follow the following steps to Update Payroll Tax table to the latest release

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Click Employees Menu >>> Get Payroll Updates >>> Click to select Download entire payroll update >>> Click Update.

The Updates are installed automatically when the download is complete, click OK if you want to read about the changes or print them either and now process the Payroll.

How to Check the Payroll Update Installed in QuickBooks?

While you are signed in QuickBooks Company File, you have to get into the Employees menu and select the “Get Payroll Updates” and then Hit Update. You get to see the five numbers next to the text that says “You are using tax table version”. The latest update number is 21812 released on June 21, 2018, and the next Tax Table is expected to be released any time during the month of July and so on. You can get in touch with an authorized ProAdvisor or Intuit Premier Reseller to know the number of latest tax table released. If the number of your tax table is less than the one that you have seen in QuickBooks Payroll Update Screen even after updating the Payroll Tax Table. It’s a symptom of that QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll is not getting synced with the Intuit Servers due to some internal glitches. To resolve the problems, get in touch with either of the above-suggested options as have the expertise in resolving these kinds of issues restore your Payroll back to normal with the latest updates. They do have the expertise and due permissions to deal and straighten out and technical issues and get you going.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Automatic Updates

QuickBooks downloads payroll updates automatically as soon as they are available over the Internet. QB Desktop Automatic Update has a Payroll Element in it that is meant to take care of the bugs automatically and has the critical fixes for the known issues reported by QuickBooks Desktop users.

Furthermore, it becomes necessary to have all QuickBooks Automatic update options turned on to ensure not to miss out anything that can make QuickBooks functionality not to respond or work properly. The bottom-line is the automatic updates do work hand in hand with the manual Payroll Tax Table updates. As an illustration, you may not able to do QuickBooks Payroll update manually probably because of the Payroll element in automatic updates was not done for a long time or wasn’t turned on within QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: It is highly recommended to close QuickBooks on a regular basis as it checks for newly downloaded updates and install them automatically or prompt you to install the same and you must go for it as it has many critical fixes for the known issues. In case you come across an error or face difficulty during the update and install process, You can get in touch with an authorized ProAdvisor or Intuit Premier Reseller for instant troubleshooting assistance to resolve the error message that you receive.

Common Known Issues Updating QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

Issues and Errors can come unexpectedly during the automatic or manual update of QuickBooks and Payroll. This could be frustrating when you are close to the deadline to process Payroll in order to get your employees paid on time and your Payroll Taxes are not calculating correctly and you have trouble updating tax tables manually too.
This looks like a bombshell and you may think anything like:

  • Why QuickBooks payroll won’t update?
  • My payroll tax tables are not updating?
  • How to update tax tables for payroll?
  • Steps to fix issues updating tax tables?
  • How to update tax table for QuickBooks payroll and so on?

And you ended and got blown up exploring possibilities and workarounds within QuickBooks, unaware of the other possible causes that carried you in this kind of disordered situation. You can catch hold of QuickBooks Payroll support and help and get payroll update problems fixed. The QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service is easy to access and your call is normally answered in the order it is received and on verifying the credentials correctly. The average wait time to get connected to the Payroll Support representative depends on the call volume at that point in time.


Alternatively, For instant help from an authorized ProAdvisor or Intuit Premier Reseller to take you back on track and get you going quickly. As they are not only skilled enough with QuickBooks and Payroll but attempt to go extra miles to diagnose, verify and fix QuickBooks Payroll update issues even caused by the external technical factors that may have caused Payroll Update Errors. If getting an error message while using QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, Dial our QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number 1-855-857-0824 and get 24×7 technical expert help.

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What is QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table?
It is paramount to have your QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table updated all the time in order to have your company calculate and file taxes in the perfect manner.
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