QuickBooks Error 12031- Causes & Solutions

QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks Error 12031 happens due to network time out, external technical or functional issues, incomplete download, IP address not found, firewall or internet settings creating a blockage, etc. As a result, you cannot access the server and might encounter internet connection issues.
The immediate thing to do when the Error message occurs is to check the ‘Network connection & Anti-virus settings’ and check if the problem is resolved. If the problem is still there, you can try the other ways to amend given in this blog.
QuickBooks Error 12031

Causes of QuickBooks Error 12031

First, let’s understand what leads to QuickBooks Error 12031. Knowing the reasons can inform us to take preventive measures in the future to avoid such issues.

  • Internet Connection- Several times your Internet works on alternate connections, and this stops proper software working and leads to QuickBooks Error 12031.
  • The Network Timeout- If the server is taking too long to respond on a particular command and then causes the software to stop responding, that can also lead to QuickBooks Error 12031.
  • Default Browser- If Internet Explorer is not the default browser then this might restrict the software functioning properly and causes errors.
  • Internet or Firewall security settings- Several times the internet or firewall security settings will block connection or pages required for the software to download an update.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 12031

Undergo the following solutions in order to get rid of QuickBooks Error 12031:

Solution 1: When error 12031 occurs at the time of updating QuickBooks.

  • Firstly, launch the Help Tab.
  • Select the Internet Connection Setup.
  • Now, choose to Use my computer internet connections settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the internet.
  • Choose
  • Update QuickBooks again:
    1. For QuickBooks 2008 and later: choose <strong> Help, select Update QuickBooks and then click on Update.
    2. For QuickBooks 2006 and older versions: Choose File > Update QuickBooks > Update Now.

Solution 2: When error 12031 occurs at the time of updating Payroll.

  • Launch Internet Connection Setup.
  • Select Internet Properties.
  • Choose the Advanced Tab.
  • Make sure that the advanced settings match.
  • Click on
  • Press Ok and shut down the Window.
  • Re-open QuickBooks and attempt to update payroll

Solution 3: Correct the settings of Internet Explorer.

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer.
  • In the Tools, select Internet Options.
  • Launch Security Tab and choose the Globe icon.
  • Make sure that the content advisor displays
  • Hit the button, if that displays Disable then type the password and disable the content advisor.
  • Select Connections Tab and follow the steps written below:
    1. Choose never dial a connection only if when you are not using the dial-up node (DUN) on your system.
    2. Click on OK and select LAN SETTINGS.
    3. Make sure that the automatically detect settings have been checked.
    4. Check whether Use a Proxy server checkbox is clear.
    5. Record the complete address and port.
    6. Uncheck Use a proxy only if the port is port 80.
    7. Select OK on the LAN settings.
  • Choose the Advanced and follow the steps written below:
    1. Select Restore advanced settings.
    2. Search for the use of TLS 1.0, use TLS 1.1 and use 1.2.
    3. Confirm that the Use TLS 1.0 is verified and use TLS 1.2 remains unchecked.
  • Press OK and shut down the Window.
  • Close Internet Explorer.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Lastly, reopen QuickBooks and attempt to update it again.

Solution 4: Check the Internet Connection & Firewall settings

  • Choose Reset Update Checkbox > Get Updates.

If the Update is not working:

  • Check your Internet Connection.
  • Configure firewall settings and internet security so that you will be able to get the updates.
  • Run Microsoft Windows in the Safe mode and re-download

QuickBooks Error Code 12031 should get solved with one of the above-listed solutions. At times there are several things that come alongside the error, and you are clueless what to do in such a scenario. Seek expert advise at this point to avoid discrepancies and further errors. You can call at QuickBooks Error Tech Support Toll-Free number 1-855-857-0824 to resolve the issue immediately.

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QuickBooks Error 12031 happens due to network time out, external technical or functional issues, incomplete download, IP address not found etc.
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