QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues – Solved

QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issue

You might have been using QuickBooks for years now to manage your business well and you might have faced minor glitches and those could have been resolved with the automatic updates themselves or just by closing the company file and the QuickBooks software.
The performance Issues are the direct indication of irregularities in your Company file. The irregularities can be caused if your company file is having transactions older than 7 years that can lead to increased file size i.e. 500 MB for Pro / Premier and 1.5 GB for Enterprise.
The increased file size and the older transaction history can further lead to the loss or corruption of memorized reports, unorganized information, Balance Mismatch, not able to save transactions etc. are the most common issues.
The Network and Computer Performance can be the potential cause for QuickBooks Desktop performance issues and demand tune-up or an upgrade as mentioned below.

Tweaking Tips for your Computer(s) 

  1. Increase the RAM by a bare minimum of 3 GB’s for standalone Installation and minimum 4 GB’s for multiuser Environment and more is recommended.
  2. Increase Virtual Memory and remove the unused and competing programs.
  3. Check and manage to primary Drive Space free more than 50 percent.
  4. Defrag your hard drive to ensure that the file is not stored in discrete bocks on your hard drive as it can lead to latency in accessing the file content as and when that is requested in form of a report, pulling the old transactions etc.
  5. Move the entire content of your Company file Folder to the QuickBooks Default Folder C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files and try opening the file from this location and see if it resolves the Performance Issues.

If this doesn’t work, then other workarounds have to be put in action within QuickBooks software and the company file as mentioned below.

  1. Condense your company file by excluding previous years data from the Date of your choice and set up opening balances as of that date. This process is time-consuming and normally not recommended by Intuit. A qualified ProAdvisor or a third company having expertise database management and restoration.
  2. You can keep this file renamed by prefixing OLD_ just before the file name to be used for references if any and Start a New Company file beginning with the Year (e.g.2019) and the rest of the name remains the same and set up opening balances as of the date of file creation.
  3. Try to run Data Verify Utility as it helps a lot to sort the data in order. If the Data Verify tool reports some errors and tries rebuilt the file as suggested which can possibly fix most of the file issues automatically.
  4. If the Errors still persist and those can also be the potential cause of QuickBooks slow performance issues. These errors may need manual intervention to fix basis the QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log file by a Certified ProAdvisor or a QuickBooks Support Technician.

To perform the further steps please make sure to analyze QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log and interpret them correctly otherwise contact QuickBooks Error Support Number 1-855-857-0824 for expert help. Please note, doing the above steps repeatedly could lead to more technical complications in QuickBooks Company file.

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