How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6189?

QuickBooks company file Error code 6189

QuickBooks error 6189 is a run time error that frequently arises at the time of launching QuickBooks or a company file. This error illustrates that the company file that you need to access is not available.
The following blog will provide you all the possible and best solutions to resolve Error 6189 QuickBooks and causes of this error have also been described so that you will aware of how this error will look like.

What causes Error 6189 QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Error Code 6189 is caused when you won’t be able to open the QuickBooks company file.

  • There is some problem with multi-user network.
  • QB user is attempting to access a file, which is being used by some other program or user.
  • There is encryption software installed on your computer.
  • Access may not be allowed because of the unavailability of a file sharing device.
  • One of the other causes of this error could be QuickBooks incomplete installation.
  • A malware attack might corrupt the Windows system files.
  • The file might have been deleted.
  • Lastly, the data is stored on a network drive.
  • The file is located on a network attached software.

error 6189 quickbooks

Effects of QuickBooks Error 6189

Effects of Error 6189 QuickBooks may happen:

  • The effect of Error 6189 816 is the display of the message that you can’t open the file.
  • The windows might run super slow.
  • Your PC might remain still and seem like frozen for a few seconds.
  • The error might crash the current window of working.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6189

When you are aware of the cause as to why the software could not open the file, you must immediately get to resolving the issue. Here are the solutions which can be used to fix the QB Error 6189 –

Solution 1

  • First of all, download QBRefresher and save it to your Windows desktop.
  • Now, make sure that all QuickBooks versions running on the PC are closed.
  • Run the downloaded QBRefresher.exe file.
  • Open your QB once again after QBRefresher has finished its work.

Solution 2

  • Firstly, restart the server.
  • After that restart all of the workstations connected to the server.
  • Now, on the server, open the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After opening QB on the server, open it on all the workstations.
  • Check if QuickBooks Error Code 6189 is appearing.

Solution 3

  • In this solution, you have to download on the server and then install QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Go to Start and put QBDBSM in the search field.
  • Open QBDBSM.
  • Update it so that you have the latest version.
  • Reboot your server.
  • Lastly, you have to open QuickBooks on the server and all of the workstations.

Solution 4

If QuickBooks Error 6189 816 is appearing and QB company file is in an online location or on a drive that is removable, follow these steps –

  • Firstly, you have to detect where the file is located either by using the F2 on your keyboard if the file is open or by using No Company Open window if the file is not open.
  • Now, go to the file containing folder.
  • Copy the folder by right clicking on the folder.
  • After copying, paste it into an external storage device such as a pen drive, thumb drive, etc.
  • Go to the new computer and connect the external device. Copy files from the external device to the local drive on the new computer.
  • Finally, open QuickBooks and then your file.

We have provided you the best solutions to get rid of QuickBooks Error 6189 in the above blog. So, you are able to resolve this error on your own.
If you are still getting the same error 6189 QuickBooks, quickly dial QuickBooks Error tech support number  1-855-857-0824 and connect with certified tech experts.

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