How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Server Busy Error?

QuickBooks Server Busy

QuickBooks Server Busy error comes on QuickBooks Desktop and displays a message- ‘Action can’t be completed as other program is busy.’ The pop-message comes up and restricts workflow. Several factors can lead to this error, and specific steps are required to rectify it.
Unless we know what exactly led to QuickBooks Server Busy Error, it is hard to specify which solution is apt. Hence, it is recommended to move systematically with first understanding the causes and then coming on to the solutions. We will follow this pattern in this blog. Let’s readout.

What causes QuickBooks Server Busy message comes?

  • On a User response request- When you have server message on your screen and do not reply to the options, it gives options such as ‘OK, Cancel. Etc’, then it forces the pop-up error message to stay on the screen. If the message remains on the screen, it will hinder QuickBooks operations.
  • Updates- The error might come up during installing or downloading updates to the system/component software. During Windows updates, when internet security program/firewall is hindering QuickBooks from downloading updates.
  • Application shutting issue- If we do not close the essential files, programs, and components which QuickBooks accesses while working, these are Axbridge, Axelbridge1, QB update, QBDagent, & QB server, etc. In case these programs and components are not properly closed, it will reflect an error message saying ‘Server Busy.’ Ensure to close these properly. You can use a Windows Task Manager for a forced closure.
  • Multiple User- In case Multiple computers are hosting the QuickBooks Company file or its components. When a user is accessing the company file, and someone else tries to open it, an error message comes up as ‘Server Busy.’
  • Memory- Lack of sufficient memory when operating QuickBooks on a network shows QuickBooks Server Busy error. Shutting QuickBooks along with other programs, and then restarting your computer to free up memory is the solution here.
  • A conflict between QuickBooks Update Manager and some other program- QB update Manager and another program on the computer might hinder each other’s functioning and lead to the ‘Server Error.’
  • Intuit Pro-Series (US) or Canada profile can cause conflict- This is another scenario where Server error comes up.
  • Insufficient Resources- A network that does not has sufficient resources to run QuickBooks Desktop might lead to errors.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Server Busy error

QB Server Busy error is an expected one in a multi-user mode. Everything needs to be in place to avoid errors in bothering workflow. However, in times when a  mistake happened, then perform the below solutions.

Solution 1- Shut all Open Programs

  • In case, there is some open program, ensure that there is no dialogue box in the program. ( example- A dialogue box can open in Microsoft word telling you to save the document. This will lead to this error.  Ensure to close all these programs. Additionally, programs like Norton, Google Desktop, vista security, Pivot software control, Windows defender, etc. can also cause this error.
  • Try using these programs in the ‘Selective Start-up’ in Windows. The Webroot Spy Sweeper can also cause this message and to correct this issue you can try to disable it or run in the Gamer Mode temporarily.

Solution 2- Check whether Windows are updated or not.

On the Windows, taskbar system tray check if the Windows has installed updates or not. In case it is not there and installation is required then complete installation first. Next, restart your computer and check if the updates are happening. If you do not see any updates happening then move on to the next solution.

Solution 3- Check and shut down the QuickBooks Desktop Components.

  • Firstly, close data file and then exit QB Desktop
  • Right-click on the Window taskbar and choose task manager
  • Now, Click Process tab
  • Complete one of the related QuickBooks processes as listed below in the Infographic.

QuickBooks Server Busy Exte.

  • Restart QuickBooks Desktop and open the data file.

Solution 4- Eliminate/Remove QuickBooks Update agent showing ‘Server busy’ message.

  • First, Open Start menu and click ‘All Programs’
  • Now choose ‘’
  • Right-click on QuickBooks Update agent
  • Choose ‘’
  • Click ‘Delete Shortcut’
  • Now you have to turn off shared updates in QB Desktop.
  • Firstly, go to the Help menu and click ‘Update ’
  • Click on the ‘Options ’
  • Now go to the ‘Shared download option,’ select ‘NO,’ and close it.

Solution 5- Applicable if Intuit ProSeries is there on the computer.

  • Check the ‘Windows Task Manager’ for which year is the XX Intuit ProSeries software. It will appear as qbpsevntXXr.exe. Note or take down the year of the executable (XX) in a file name.
  • Next Open the Explorer browser
  • Search and Open the ‘Intuit ProSeries folder’ for that year.
  • Now open the 32-bit folder
  • Search for qbpseventXXr.exe, Once you find it right-click and choose ‘’
  • Now add ‘.OLD’ at the end of the renamed file.
  • Shut down the Windows Explorer.

Action plan if the above solutions haven’t resolved the issue.

In case you are still at point zero then there is a list of things that you can do if to correct it.

  • Boot SafeMode from Windows via networking and then start QB Desktop>> restart Windows in the normal mode. This can often help in problem-solving.
  • RUN QuickBooks Desktop and work in the Windows Selective Startup and windows safe mode.
  • If running QB Desktop on the network then reboot your computer>> reconnect your computer to the mapped drives.
  • If the backup or mirroring software is functioning on the server or network, then it is regularly scanning the hard drive. To rectify this temporarily disable the software if the problem is sorted. However, if otherwise, then there is a dispute with the Scanning software that needs to be corrected.

The blog has provided several solutions to correct this issue, and hopefully, the problem is solved by now. If the problem is persistent, then you can speak to a technical expert at QuickBooks Technical Support number  1-855-857-0824.

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