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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error C=1304

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error C=1304

While carrying out the different functions on QuickBooks, you may need to download a new update for the software or may need to reinstall the program. In this process, or even while carrying out other operations, users may encounter certain errors that lead to the operation being incomplete, may cause the computer to crash, or obstruct operations in various ways. These errors, however, need not be a cause of alarm. There are a number of solutions to counter each of these errors, and the following article seeks to go into detail about QuickBooks Error C=1304, identify its causes and describe ways to resolve it.

Why am I facing this error?

The error may come up while you are updating or repairing QuickBooks. It may prompt you, saying that the access to the file directory needs to be verified, and further operations on the program may be blocked.

Three main reasons can be identified as the causes of this error:

  • There may be an error in the CD drive
  • The CD may have been damaged
  • A component on Microsoft .NET Framework may have been damaged

What can I do to get rid of this error?

There are a number of solutions to resolve Error C=1304. It is important to note that not all the solutions are necessary to be followed, and any one of the solutions given below can help resolve your problem. The first solution is the most preferred and recommended one.

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Solution 1: Installation files from the CD need to be copied into the hard drive

While performing this task, you may be faced with another error that does not permit the copying. This implies that there is an error damaging the CD drive or CD. In order to override this, you can try to work on connected desktops to install QuickBooks from the same drive.

  • Insert the CD into the drive. In case the program begins installation, Select Quit
  • Right click on Windows Start and click Explore
  • Go on the desktop and right click to create a New Folder, named QuickBooks
  • On the left-hand side window, find QuickBooks folder, right-click it and select Explore
  • On the right-hand side window, find QuickBooks and Third Party folder, as well as exe
  • Holding the Ctrl button, select the above folders
  • Right click and Copy. You can also press Ctrl + C
  • Go back to the Desktop and open the QuickBooks file you just created
  • Paste the folders by right-clicking

Proceed to install QuickBooks

  • To do so, open the new QuickBooks folder you created
  • Select exe that you just pasted
  • Click Next and follow the instructions until you complete the installation process


Solution 2: Use Reimage Repair Tool to scan the desktop

This tool can be downloaded for free and can be used to identify errors and repair them

  • After downloading, paste the tool onto the Desktop
  • Go to the location of the file, double-click and complete the installation process
  • A scan should be initiated to assess the status of the desktop
  • After the scan or troubleshooting process, you will automatically be given information about the areas where the error lies. If it indicates that you need to repair a certain program, give it the necessary permissions by selecting Start Repair
  • Reboot your computer


Solution 3: Advanced Solution

You may need guidance from a professional while following this process. To do so, you may contact the support center that is available throughout the day.

  • Go to Start, followed by All Programs and go to System Tools available in the Accessories Then proceed to click System Restore
  • A window showing growth will be visible. Restore the computer to an earlier version and proceed to Next
  • To reorganize reduction, click on the most recent system and then select Next
  • Once completed, reboot your desktop.


What more can I do to fix this?

Error C=1304 should easily be resolved by following the first two solutions. In case you are still facing problems, feel free to avail 24×7 support at QuickBooks support phone number 1-888-502-0363.

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