How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 102?

QuickBooks Error 102

Even after being a top accounting software, at times QuickBooks faces issues that affect the business operations of an organization. One such common error that the user faces is QuickBooks Code Error 102. The error occurs mainly when there are some technical errors on the website or if it is under maintenance. A server issue related to data transfer between the Bank’s website and QuickBooks can be another reason for QuickBooks Online Error 102.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 102

  • The user may face program lock-ups.
  • The speed and performance of the PC get slow.
  • Your system crashes frequently.
  • The screen gets blue in color.
  • You may also face instant shut down or startup of the software.
  • Installation errors may also arise.

Causes behind QuickBooks Online Error 102

  • Issues related to browser options may lead to the error 102 QuickBooks.
  • Problems of wireless network with OS.
  • Because of damaged network equipment.
  • When you get error 102 QuickBooks online on your screen.

Now, let’s understand how to resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 102.

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How to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 102?

Solution 1: Check Account updates in QBO

If you do not find any maintenance indication on the bank credit card website, then you need to update the account manually in QuickBooks Online. Firstly, click on the Update option that is there on the upper right corner. Below are enlisted both manual and automatic updates.
Automatic updates
Any updates for the QuickBooks Online bank account usually start around 3 am Pacific Time. If QuickBooks Online service could not get updated info for a particular Online account, then it will update five times in the next five hours. The info that comes depends on the bank shares or the financial institutions that are with us.
Check the exact time of Update by:

  • Select ‘Banking’ from the left menu
  • Press the update option on the top right corner
  • In the last updated column, you can see the date/time of the last update listed.

Manual Updates
Though most of the accounts function with automatic updates, there are some that need a manual update

  • Firstly, select ‘Banking’ from the left menu
  • Next, Update some of the accounts and Click to clear out ‘Unwanted ’
  • Now press ‘’
  • Enter the ‘Multi-Factor Authentication’ (MFA) credentials, and press continue to ‘’

Note: Manual update is good for 90 days, and any new listing placed within that time-period will download. If you are connected, you will get all the current info.

Solution 2: Check the Login Info

To perform this step first log into your bank’s website through the URL which bank has provided for Online Banking. However, if you are unable to access/visit the website through the URL then complete the below steps:

  • If you have never been linked to any bank, then look/search for your financial institution’s name. However, if you are already linked to the bank then press on the ‘Add account’ that is there on the top right corner and look for your financial institution’s bank name.
  • Next, select the financial institution from the list.
  • In the Financial institution’s website, put your credentials and press continue
  • If needed, fill in some additional verification steps, and press ‘Connect Securely.’
  • Now, select the bank symbol that is located on the left of the account to connect & choose the ‘Account drop-down menu’ to choose the bank type or the credit card account. Select either the bank or credit card account.
  • When you link your a/c, QuickBooks will download online transactions that have been there for the past 90 days, and will also automatically download your banking and credit card transactions.
  • Now, select ‘Connect’ that might take a few
  • After the download is complete, you will beat the banking page again. Now you can review the tab that has transactions downloaded from the financial institution.

Solution 3: Check the account info and the notifications

In case you could not log-in, check the messages, notifications, or alerts from the bank which shows something is not functional. Additionally, keep a check on the account summary, account history & other transactions.

Solution 4:  Wait for Bank Action

If you still find issues in resolving the error code 102 QuickBooks then, patiently wait till the bank fixes any problem related to your server. At least give a day before trying again.

Solution 5: Ensure that your Bank account is not new to the Bank.

Several times, when your account is new to the bank or the credit card, then you will see QuickBooks Online Error Code 102. Some of the new accounts do not start effectively with Online Banking. If you have any issues, then you should contact the bank immediately.
If you are still experiencing QuickBooks Error Code 102 and unable to resolve it by applying the above solutions, then talk to an expert at QuickBooks 24/7 Support by dialing our phone number 1-855-857-0824. It is advisable to seek technical and guidance to avoid any further discrepancies.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 102?
QuickBooks Error 102 happens due to technical issues or due to transfer issues between bank and QBO. Update your accounts to fix QB Online Error 102.
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