QuickBooks Error PS107- How to Solve?

QuickBooks Error PS107

QuickBooks is an advanced software program to cope up with the rapidly increasing businesses’ financial needs. Though, sometimes the users face some errors that lead to unwanted disruption in the work process. One such error is QuickBooks Error PS107 that happens when QuickBooks Internal File has become unreadable.

The user will get an error message QuickBooks Error PS107 that says QuickBooks has become unreadable. The error usually occurs when you are downloading payroll updates and happens because of a damaged file in the QuickBooks app.

Causes of QuickBooks Error PS107

  • The below given is a list of the causes that can lead to QuickBooks Error PS107.
  • Any issue with the membership lapse date can lead to PS107. In other words, QuickBooks Payroll regularly checks with Intuit for membership lapse status. You need to continuously refresh the charging data to have legitimate access to QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Intuit server down can also create this error.
  • If you are still using/ working on an Old form of your finance programming while Intuit has discharged a new one can cause the error.
  • A Third Gathering Security Program is restricting QuickBooks association with the parent company Intuit and places it inside and out.
  • A virus/ malware threat can also hinder proper functioning and thus leads to an error.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error PS107

There are few recommended solutions to resolve this error, and few of them are listed below.

Solution 1

  • First, Go to the Task Manager
  • Click the ‘Processes ’
  • Now, highlight the applications that begin with QuickBooks, QB, or Intuit
  • At the base, Press on the option ‘End Task/End Process.’

Solution 2

  • Go to the Help menu, and select ‘Update QuickBooks’ option
  • Next, press Options, and Click Mark All button
  • Press Save option
  • Click the Update button
  • Press on ‘Reset Update’ and click ‘Get Updates’
  • Shut QuickBooks Desktop, when you see the Update completed option

Solution 3

  • First, Insert the Payroll Update CD
  • Open Get Payroll Updates window
  • Now in the Install Payroll Update window, follow the prompts when you are asked to search the ‘Update.dat’ or ‘Update3.dat ’
  • Next press Browse option
  • In the Install from options, Select the CD Drive option
  • From the Payroll update disk, choose Update.dat or Update3.dat and press Open
  • In the Payroll Update window, press OK

The above steps should successfully rectify the issue if you still see the error persists then Uninstall QuickBooks and perform a QuickBooks Clean Install in the Selective Startup mode.

Solution 4

  • First, Open the RUN command, and now press CTRL+R
  • Next, type MSConfig, and press OK
  • Now, in the General tab, choose Selective Startup, and Load Startup items
  • Next, click ‘Services’
  • Select ‘Hide Microsoft Services’ and press ‘Disable ’
  • Now, click to wipe ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option
  • Check the services list and ensure Windows InstallerCheckbox option is marked
  • If it is not marked then select, and click OK
  • Go to the System Configuration Window, press the Restart option to restart your PC
  • Now you can do a Clean Install once the computer has restarted.

Solution 5

  • First, Switch to Single User mode by pressing File option
  • Now, press Switch to single-user mode
  • Go to QB File Menu and select Backup Company and press ‘Create Local ’
  • In the create a backup window, choose the Local Backup option, and click the Options button
  • On the backup option window, press Browse and choose the place/ location for the Backup
  • After selecting the location, click OK
  • Now check the other options that are here on this page, and choose the one you like
  • Once you are done, click OK. The options that you will have been given below:
      • To easily distinguish between the backup files, you can check the ‘Add date and time of the Backup file’ to the file name. (Highly Recommended)
      • Check the box limit for Backup Copies for this folder, and if you need to restrict the Backup number made by a single company then fill in a number. This will help you save valuable time.
      • Put a checkmark in the option that says ‘Remind me to back up every time I close the company file.’ You can put a frequency number for regular backup reminders.
      • Now, choose the options for verifying data when you save.
      • Keep it enabled, so that you are alerted if you see any damage in the file. Though, skipping verification will speed up the process.
  • The Options are:
    1. Quick Verification
    2. Complete Verification (This is recommended)
    3. No Verification
  • Press Next in the ‘Make a Backup Window’
  • To schedule future backups, you can choose to save the backups

That is all for this article. Hopefully, the content above gave you useful insight into different solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error PS107. In case of any doubts, queries or more recommended solutions, you can directly seek technical help at QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number 1-855-857-0824.

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