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Exporting Chart of Accounts to New QuickBooks Company File

Exporting Chart of Accounts to New QuickBooks Company File

In QuickBooks data is stored in the form of a chart of items, customers, accounts, classes, vendors, etc. If there is a need to create a new QuickBooks file you do not have to recreate and re-enter all the data into the file. QuickBooks provides the user with a feature to export and import the data, saving time and efforts of the user. However, it is always recommended to create a backup copy of data to ensure that no data is lost if an error occurs during the exporting or importing function. Backup copy always acts like the rescue plan.

Steps to export a chart of accounts to a New QuickBooks file:

  1. To begin with, exporting operation you must be log into data file as an administrator.
  2. You should always switch to Single-user mode so that no one else can access data during the transfer process. Never proceed with exporting in multi-user mode.
  3. From the Menu bar, choose the File option and then Utilities.
  4. From the submenu select Export, and the Lists to IIF Files.
  5. Now select the checkboxes for the lists that you want to export.
  6. Click on OK.
  7. From the Save In window set the location where you want to save the file.
  8. Write the name you want to save your file with, in the File Name field (Note: You must delete the asterisk (*) as file name cannot start with an asterisk (*) and save the file with an extension of .IIF)
  9. Click on Save and then Click on OK to the message that the file was successfully saved.
  10. Repeat these steps for all the lists you want to import.
  11. Now go to the exported file, right click on it and then select Open with.
  12. Choose Microsoft Office Excel.
  13. When you find the wizard to convert the text file click on Next, Next, and Finish.

Avoiding errors during Exporting
While it is easy to export the chart of account to new QuickBooks file, some common errors may make it difficult. To avoid errors while exporting you must ensure that there are no multiple entries for email and phone number, only one email address should be present in the email field for vendors or customers. You should also change sub-accounts to parent account before exporting and then change them again.

With all tools made to enhance the working and with features like exporting and importing QuickBooks continues to be popular among the business owners.

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